Ogden Twilight: Phantogram August 17, 2019

By: Cassilyn Anderson

Photo Credit: Cassilyn Anderson

The Ogden Twilight Series welcomed Phantogram to the Ogden Amphitheater for their second tour stop on their current tour. This show was so popular that it initially sold out at 4,000 tickets so about 2,000 more tickets were released with those tickets all but selling out as well. So almost 6,000 fans gathered in the amphitheater to hear one of the best Electronic Rock bands around today.

Photo Credit: Cassilyn Anderson

Lead vocalist, Sarah Barthel shared with the packed amphitheater that Phantogram played their first show in Utah at Kilby Court. It was funny because she illuded that it wasn’t their favorite venue to play. Which, if you’ve ever been to Kilby Court you understand. It’s a place that you remember for being your first, but you’re excited to have moved on to another venue. Barthel followed up with how much they loved the Ogden Amphitheater. It really was a perfect venue for Phantogram.

The Ogden Amphitheater, in general, is a perfect place for an outdoor summer concert series of this caliber. The all-ages event is filled with booths for food and local stores. The environment is exciting and there’s not a bad spot in the venue. There’s a general admission standing room only section, a seated area, and a lawn section available.

Photo Credit: Cassilyn Anderson

Phantogram, whose music has been featured on TV shows, commercials, movies, and video games are really good live. While much of the music is electronic, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel are joined on stage by a drummer, a guitarist/keyboardist, with Carter on lead guitar. So while there are a lot of electronics there is totally a band feel to the music and the show. Bartell performed beautifully. She drew in the crowd with her vocals and her stage presence. The lighting of this show was incredible. It seems like lighting is always so good at shows with electronics. I though a cool effect was when two mirrors were held up to create a spotlight. Some of my favorite songs of the night were, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”, “Fall in Love” and the second to last song “Answer”. And I can’t not mention the final song of the night, “When I’m Small”.

Photo By: Cassilyn Anderson

A powerful moment in the show was when Sarah spoke about suicide prevention. She told the audience that it was “OK to not be OK.” She implored to those who may be struggling to “talk to friends and family.” That’s a message that cannot be shared enough.

It was a perfect night with an amazing band. Phantogram left Ogden Twilight more than satisfied. They brought the energy, the music, and what I’d expect to be great memories for the almost 6,000 people in attendance. We wish them well on the rest of their tour and thank them for stopping in Utah.

Photo By: Cassilyn Anderson


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