Ogden Twilight: Beck

Beck•La Lom•August 14, 2023• Ogden Amphitheater

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

Beck’s acoustic concert at Ogden Twilight Concert Series was a truly unique experience that showcased the artist’s versatility and talent. The concert took place on a warm summer evening in Ogden, Utah, with the majestic mountains in the background. Beck’s stripped-down, acoustic performance allowed his voice and songwriting to take center stage, and his dynamic guitar playing added a layer of depth to his music.

I have to admit, when I first heard that Beck’s Ogden Twilight appearance would be an acoustic set I was disappointed.  His shows are usually so high energy and so much fun and I really wanted that.  I’ve also had friends from different cities who saw Beck on his current Summer Odessy Tour with the band Phoenix.  All of them raving about how great it has been.  So when I saw, no Phoenix on the lineup, and an acoustic show, I was bummed.  

But then I had a change of heart.  I thought, all these other cities on the tour were getting a similar show.  But we were getting something completely unique.  Something totally different than any other tour stop.  I quickly embraced the idea and was totally in on the experience. 


The show began with LA LOM (Los Angeles League of Musicians).  I couldn’t find the best way to describe this band so I pulled this from their website.  

“Their Music is a blend of Cumbia, Afro Cuban Jazz, and Americana, which embodies the sound of 1940’s-70’s California. Founded in Los Angeles in 2017, LA LOM adds a modern flare to Cumbia and Classic Latin music.”  www.thelalom.com

LA LOM is an instrumental band.  At first, I was wondering if we’d ever hear someone singing.  But as the set went on I didn’t even think about it.  The communication through the music was felt in a way that we didn’t need lyrics or vocals.  They performed a song called “Moonlight Over Montebello” stating that it was one of their favorite places to play.  The song had the crowd moving and swaying as the warm summer night fit the warm and breezy feel of the song.  I enjoyed hearing the instrumental cover of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” as well.  They were a fun group and the music was every bit the melting pot that is Los Angeles.  


Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

Beck walked on stage alone with a guitar.  He told us that they had been playing some big shows and they’ve been wanting to play a smaller show.  Beck shared that he was happy to be in Ogden and to have that opportunity.  He shared with us that he had just been walking the streets of Ogden to grab dinner.  Which thrilled the audience and made them wish that they had been able to run into him and his band.  The audience was captivated by Beck’s performance.

He played a mix of well-known favorites and deep cuts.  I joined in the crowd’s excitement when Beck played his cover of “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” from the Soundtrack of the film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.  Loved it when die-hard Beck fans would react to a song that he normally doesn’t play live.  I have bands I enjoy like that and it’s always so thrilling to hear a song I would never expect to hear.

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

After a while, Beck was joined on stage by his bandmates.  They continued to play their acoustic set and the fans seemed to be totally enjoying the unique experience. Beck then told the audience that this was supposed to be an acoustic show, but they wanted to try something.  He invited LA LOM back on stage and told us that they were forming a super group.  They changed from an acoustic set to a more electric full-band type of show.  The audience immediately reacted when they heard “Devil’s Haircut”.   The rest of the show was electric and it was awesome for the fans to get to have a mix of that awesome acoustic set and some more upbeat Beck songs where people could dance.   

People went crazy for “Loser”. How could you not?  It’s such a fun song to dance and sing along to.  Beck gave the crowd a chance to sing the chorus on their own a few times and each time they were louder and louder.  One of the highlights of the concert was when Beck brought out his harmonica and played a soulful rendition of “One Foot in the Grave.” “Where It’s At” was the perfect closer. People were so excited to hear it and to be able to dance and sing to it was a excellent way to end the night.

The intimate setting of the acoustic concert allowed the audience to connect with the music on a deeper level, and Beck’s performance left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Overall, Beck’s acoustic concert at Ogden Twilight Concert Series was a memorable and enchanting evening that showcased the artist’s talent and creativity. Whether you’re a die-hard Beck fan or a casual listener, this performance was a must-see event.  Beck showed so much versatility.  He’s one of the most underrated musicians/ songwriters that we have today

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