NF•August 11, 2023 • Delta Center

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

I recently had the opportunity to attend a concert at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City featuring the incredibly talented rapper NF. People have been telling me about NF for some time. I was excited to see him perform live and witness his raw talent and energy on stage. NF is often labeled as a “Christian Rapper: I didn’t find this to be the case.  He was signed to a Christian record label and his lyrics are clean.  But I don’t think he’s part of the Christian music scene.  At least not from my observation. I think NF is hoping to reach all audiences and doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into one faith base. And from what I could tell, there was a wide variety inside Delta Center.

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

From the moment he stepped out onto the stage, NF commanded the attention of the entire audience with his powerful presence and commanding voice. His intense lyrics and emotional delivery had everyone in the crowd completely captivated. It was clear that he was truly passionate about his music and connecting with his fans. The general admission floor looked like a wheat field with all of the arms looking like swaying stems.   

Opener Cordae returned to the stage to perform “CAREFUL” with NF. I was excited to have him come back out because I, unfortunately, missed him during his set.  As soon as the audience noticed him taking the stage again, they erupted in approval.  It was fun to watch the interaction between NF and Cordae.  There is only his drummer, Rico, and NF on stage for most of the set, so adding another person with high energy on stage made it that much more enjoyable.

Throughout the concert, NF performed a variety of his hit songs, including “The Search,” and “Time,” each one more powerful and moving than the last.  His ability to connect with his audience through his lyrics and performances was truly remarkable, “Let You Down,” was performed on a B stage on the other side of the arena.  General admission fans raced to get close to the smaller and more intimate stage.  It was a nice way to mix up the show and get those fans who were not otherwise close to the stage a better look at the rapper.  It was clear that he had a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges that many of his fans face on a daily basis.

NF told the Salt Lake City crowd that he liked this audience because “You guys actually seem like you like going to shows.” In a fun moment, NF told the audience that he’s been doing competitions between foods and such. He asked the audience for suggestions. I’m not going to lie, we did not give him very good ideas. We landed on Chocolate vs. Vanilla. How dull is that?! And somehow vanilla won. Yikes. But it was fun to see him engaged with the crowd, shaking hands with a guy who asked him about his kid and pointing out another guy who was in one of his videos.

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

One of the most impressive aspects of NF’s performance was his incredible stage presence and energy. Despite the intense emotional content of many of his songs, he never lost his energy or enthusiasm, and his infectious energy was contagious throughout the entire venue. Overall, the NF concert at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City was an unforgettable experience. From what I understand this is his first arena tour. From the way this show went, it’s clear that he’ll be filling arenas for a while.

His raw talent, emotional depth, and powerful performances left a lasting impression on everyone in the audience, and it was clear that he is a true master of his craft. I would highly recommend seeing him live if you ever have the chance, as it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.