Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett• The Young Forever Tour• w/ Isabela LaRosa• March 17, 2022• The Great Saltair

The Young Forever Tour is in full swing as it visited Salt Lake City coming close to ending its North America sets. Nessa Barrett is an upcoming artist that has gained a lot of popularity due to her social media presence. She brought along Isabela LaRosa, who also has been finding success through social media trying to promote her music. Both artists fall into a similar genre and fanbase. So she was an excellent choice for an opening act. Although the Complex was supposed to host Nessa and Isabela, they switched to The Great Saltair due to popular demand. I thought this was an excellent choice. 

The Great Saltair

The Great Saltair was a perfect host for Nessa Barrett and her crew. They hosted her perfectly. I was very impressed with all the crew and staff in attendance that night. It was truly a perfectly run event. The parking is the main part of the venue that I enjoy. They have plenty of parking and it is only $10 to park. They also allow you to buy the ticket online before the event so that it is hassle-free when you arrive. It makes the process of getting into the venue much easier. They also have the parking very organized with parking attendants telling you where to go for the best spot possible.

I also appreciate how they ensure the inside of the venue doesn’t overheat. Some other venues tend to struggle to keep the temperature cool enough to enjoy the show. It could just be that The Saltair has extra doors to leave open on the upper level that is letting the heat out, but either way, I love that they keep it comfortable. The lighting and sound are on par with all the other venues in the area. I haven’t ever really experienced an issue with sound or lighting issues at any events here in Utah. So overall I would say this was a perfect option for this show. 

Isabela LaRosa

As Isabela LaRosa entered the stage, there was a lot of excitement. I actually didn’t think I knew her or any of her music when I arrived. But as her set went on I realized I had heard multiple songs. Although most of them were just snippets on TikTok, I still enjoyed hearing them live. It was cool to see the music that was found on TikTok make it to the big stages near me. I have started to see a lot of the artists that get their starts this way making a dent in the music industry. It is a new and cool way for artists to promote and grow their music fanbase. 

Isabela was an excellent performer with a lot of hit songs. She also had very impressive vocals live. She hit all the notes true to the actual songs as they were released on streaming platforms. Some artists will skip hard notes or change them to make it easier live, but she hit all the hardest notes in her songs. I was also impressed with the crowd engagement she was able to keep throughout the whole set. Even on songs she said were unreleased she was able to keep the energy the same. It was always high. She had an excellent show. But as her set wrapped up, she left the stage to make room for the headline act. 

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett had a really cool intro as she entered the stage. There were a bunch of white drapes hanging on the stage as she walked behind them. The lights were flashing as the music began to get louder. As she got to the front of the stage she began to sing. It was a really cool intro that had the crowd going wild. She also was clearly used to performing as she was working the stage really well.

Barrett rarely stood in one spot or made the stage boring. She kept the crowd entertained not only with her vocals and music but also by making sure she was a good performer. It does help that all her fans know every word to every song. I have been to several shows where the less popular songs lose the crowd a little bit, but Nessa was able to keep the set extremely entertaining throughout the night. 

My favorite song she performed was “Dear God”, which was my favorite song of hers going into the show. It is a song I was very excited to hear live. She performs with a lot of passion but also seems so calm and professional as she sings. It helps make her set so impressive. She was one of the best performers I have seen recently. 

I would highly recommend seeing Nessa Barrett on her Young Forever Tour. Although it might be hard given that she only has a couple of shows left on the tour her in the US, she will for sure be back soon. She now goes on a European leg to finish off the tour. Isabela LaRosa is also an artist I highly recommend you check out. Her music is grabbing serious traction on TikTok and other social media platforms. The Great Saltair as always was one of my favorite places I could spend a weekend night. I love the venue not only for its ease of parking and entering the event, but also because everyone is so helpful when I am there with a press pass.

Overall the whole show was a 10/10. I was really impressed with the entire show in general. I highly recommend both artists and the venue if you ever have a chance to visit or see them perform.

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