FBF: Nightly February 7, 2020 Kilby Court

By: Cassilyn Anderson

Photo Credit: Cassilyn Anderson @cass.ilyn

Last month, Nightly made a stop in Salt Lake City on their first ever headlining tour with a SOLD OUT show. What better venue to play at than Kilby Court? I love the size of Kilby because of the connections between the artist and the fans. You can see how close the lead singer, Jonathan, got with the crowd. After the show ended and the band was still on stage, Jonathan walked around and gave each fan a hug or high five that was in the first few rows of the crowd. That is one thing that stood out about Nighty. They are so personable and you can tell their genuine appreciation for their fans! In my opinion, Kilby was a fantastic venue for them to play! They brought their own lighting set up and it perfectly set the mood in the venue. They had different variations of bright pink and purple lights coming from all angles to one single white light shining onto the lead singer. The sound was also really great(the best I have heard at Kilby in a LONG time.)

Photo Credit: Cassilyn Anderson @cass.ilyn

Now for the show; Hands down one of THE BEST shows I have ever been to. I really enjoyed the energy that Nightly brought on this cold night in Utah. The whole venue was filled with fans singing at the top of their lungs and dancing their hearts out. Nightly is an amazing band live and their stage performance was filled with so much energy. During their set, Jonathon talked about how they have a close friend from Salt Lake and he was the one who wrote their song “No Vacancy”. He also mentioned how much Salt Lake means to their friend Mckay and how playing in Salt Lake was full circle for them! I love their music and everything about their performance here but there was one thing mentioned that I think anyone from Salt Lake would find rather off-putting… Jonathon had mentioned they went to Pie Hole and said it was terrible- I think he has a terrible opinion. I’m thinking maybe it’s because the two that said it was terrible were the two who get something other than pizza… Am I the only one that didn’t know that Pie Hole offered more than just pizza?

After the show, they waited by the merch to meet each fan that was at the show which made me like them even more! I appreciate artists that make time to speak to each fan and make them feel important. I think that is the biggest thing that can set you apart as an artist. Of course, there are talented musicians out there, but I genuinely believe the ones who are talented AND personable are the ones who will make it the furthest. I firmly believe Nightly is one of those bands. Hopefully, they make a stop back in Salt Lake on future tours and I hope I get to cover another show of theirs(maybe their opinion on Pie Hole will have changed by then lol). If you haven’t been able to attend a Nightly show, be sure to catch them next time they’re here!

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