Micky Dolenz celebrates The Monkees

The Monkees Celebrated by Micky Dolenz•June 8, 2023•Egyptian Theater Park City

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

On June 8, 2023, nostalgic music fans made their way to the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah where they were treated to a truly memorable evening. Micky Dolenz, best known as a vocalist and drummer of The Monkees, took the stage for a highly anticipated concert. Dolenz, a living legend of the music industry, delivered a performance that showcased his timeless talent, infectious energy, and enduring appeal. The audience was transported back in time to the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll. Reveling in the hits that defined a generation. My hope is to capture the essence of that unforgettable evening in Park City. Where we celebrated the enduring artistry of Micky Dolenz.

Before the show began, the Manager of the Egyptian Theater Randy Barton welcomed the crowd.  I’m pretty sure every time I’ve attended a show at the Egyptian Barton has been there to address the crowd.  I can’t imagine going to a show there without an intro from him.  It’s like a tradition unique to this venue.  So with Randy taking the stage, welcoming the audience, making the audience laugh, and sharing an impressive list of future guests, we knew it was time to settle into a great night of music in one of the best cities in America.  

Nostalgia took over the instant the lights went out.  The theme song from The Monkees TV show played. Images and video of the four boys played on the screen at the back of the stage.  The audience cheered with excitement.  From the moment Dolenz stepped on stage, it was evident that his passion for music remains undiminished. With a vibrant stage presence, he commanded the attention of the audience, effortlessly engaging with fans. While many in the crowd were of Micky’s generation, he truly had fans of all ages in attendance. His charismatic personality and genuine love for performing created an electric atmosphere that resonated throughout the Egyptian Theater.

Whether he was belting out powerful vocals or telling stories, Dolenz’s talent was on full display. His ability to connect with the audience was particularly impressive. He shared anecdotes, interacted with fans, and made everyone feel like a part of the experience.

The concert’s setlist was a carefully curated journey through Dolenz’s illustrious career, paying homage to his days with The Monkees. Opening with the iconic “Last Train to Clarksville,” Dolenz immediately captured the crowd’s attention. The setlist featured an excellent balance of fan favorites and lesser-known gems, allowing both longtime devotees and newer fans to revel in the music. Hits like “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” “Stepping Stone” and “Daydream Believer” had the entire audience singing along, their voices blending harmoniously with Dolenz’s own.

I must admit hearing Micky Dolenz sing “I’m A Believer” in the encore was an incredible moment.  The audience was on their feet, some dancing like it was the ‘60s again.  It’s such a legendary song. To hear the man who made it a hit perform it live was a memorable experience.  Before he began the song he wanted to make sure to tell the young kids in the audience, “Don’t forget.  I sang this long before Shrek!”  

Dolenz’s vocal prowess was truly awe-inspiring. His voice, though a little seasoned, mostly seemed untouched by time, showcased a rich timbre and an impressive range. Whether he was crooning heartfelt ballads or rocking out to energetic tunes, his vocals remained consistently strong and captivating. The accompanying band was equally talented, flawlessly recreating the original sound of The Monkees’ recordings while adding a fresh, modern energy to the performances.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Dolenz took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sharing personal memories and stories about his time with The Monkees. Throughout the show he took a moment to focus on each member of The Monkees.  He shared experiences of meeting Davey Jones, Peter Tork, and Micheal Nesmith. These moments of intimate storytelling allowed fans to connect with Dolenz on a deeper level. Fostering a sense of camaraderie and nostalgia. These moments were heartfelt and insightful.  I felt like we got an amazing look into this band and the love they had for each other.  Additionally, Dolenz’s ability to engage the crowd was remarkable. He effortlessly got everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along. The enthusiasm and energy in the venue were palpable. Creating an electric atmosphere that resonated long after the final notes faded away.

Micky Dolenz’s concert in Park City, Utah on June 8, 2023, was an extraordinary showcase of his enduring talent and charismatic stage presence. His timeless hits and engaging performance created an atmosphere of pure nostalgia and joy, transporting the audience back to a bygone era of rock ‘n’ roll. Dolenz’s vocals, captivating storytelling, and genuine connection with the crowd made for an unforgettable experience. It was a night that reaffirmed his status as a music icon and left concert-goers with memories they will cherish for a lifetime.  

As it turned out that we were that much more fortunate to have seen Micky Dolenz in Park City at the Egyptian Theater.  It turns out that he, unfortunately, had to cancel his final two shows.  At the concert we attended, it was necessary for him to occasionally get some oxygen due to the high altitude.  It sounds like his touring schedule and the Park City altitude caused him to be unwell.  I feel that much more grateful that I was able to see him.  I hope he has a full recovery.  “I’m a Believer” that he will.  You can read his statement below!  

“To My dear friends and fans (both old and new), 

Apologies for the global post, but in response to the many calls, texts, emails, and social media enquiries, I want to assure everyone that I am fine.  

It turns out that extreme exhaustion, from a hectic 10 week schedule, jetlag (of the international variety), and high altitude do not mix well, and I wan to apologize to anyone that had tickets for the two cancelled Park City, UT shows this past weekend.  

Thank you ALL for the car, love and support you’ve shown me! I know intend to rest up and remind myself again, that I’m 78 not 28!

Love and thanks, 


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  1. I have always loved the Monkees and it is sad that only one is left I wish Micky the best and good health

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