UCR Interview-Christian Anthony of Chase Atlantic

Interviewed By: Kevin Rolfe

Chase Atlantic are an Australian band that personally produces, performs, and conjures up dark, rhythmic alt-pop, punctuated by rock and R&B as well. Their stylish, distinctive sound has an undeniable groove and edge that highlights their knack for catchiness and hooks. They have just released their sophomore album, PHASES.  It’s sure to hit home with fans of Post Malone, The Neighbourhood, The1975, and The Weeknd.  

Chase Atlantic will be headlining The Depot on Friday, July 5.  I had the opportunity to interview rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Christian Anthony a few weeks before the new album was released.     

Utah Concert Review: How does it feel to be finished making your new album and just waiting for it to be released?

Christian Anthony-The process of writing the album was a lot of fun but sometimes a little stressful, so I think we are glad to be finished but also a little anxious to release it since it’s been a few months since we wrapped making it. 

UCR- What was your favorite part about making this album? 

CA-I think the fact it’s more of a conceptual album is my favorite part. All the songs go together really well and flow like an album should.

UCR-How did the creation of this album differ from recording your previous music?

CA-We’ve never sat down and made a full-length album before. The first album was a collection of the best songs over the years, but this was the first time we discussed what kind of vibe and emotion we wanted to present with this project. For the first half of the album, we produced all the instrumentals in Cairns, Australia which took about a month, then we headed over to LA for three weeks and completed the writing process. 

UCR-What do you think those attending should expect from a Chase Atlantic concert?

CA-A wild, high-energy show.

UCR-Do you remember your first concert? Who? What do you remember about it?

CA-I was quite lucky my first concert was The Beach Boys, Chicago, and America. It was a festival in Sydney. I remember it was rainy and muddy, but falling in love with all three bands. Such fantastic and experienced musicians; it was very inspirational.

UCR-Do you remember your first time performing live?

CA-We all did school concerts growing up so I’d assume sometime in primary school, but I can’t remember the first time. 

UCR-What’s best concert you’ve ever been to?  Or your favorite?

CA-I think when we opened up for Blackbear. Watching him play was surreal; he has such a cool stage presence and his band is incredible. Also anytime we see Skrillex – the guy’s a legend. 

UCR-What has been your favorite experience performing live, so far?

CA-Maybe some big festivals like Bonnaroo or Reading & Leads. It’s always crazy to perform to 10,000 kids who have maybe never heard of you before.

UCR-If you could perform with one musician/ singer/ band, who would it be?

CA-The Weeknd or The 1975. 

Chase Atlantic will be bringing their Phases Tour to The Depot on Friday, July 5.  Click here to purchase tickets!  

You can find Chase Atlantic’s music anywhere you stream or download music.  

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