Thursday • February 2, 2024 • The Depot

Reviewed and Photographed by Morgan Newbold

Last Saturday evening, the atmosphere at The Depot was surging with energy as fans eagerly waited for rock band Thursday to take the stage. The cozy dimly lit venue was packed all the way the bar. I made my way over to the stage to observe the room, and what kind of vibes this band would bring. I saw a mostly older crowd, but there was still a good mix of young rockers and elder emos alike. With a career spanning over two decades, Thursday has cultivated a wide-ranged and hardcore fan base. This show was on their ‘War All The Time’ tour, dedicated to playing their 2003 album in full. I saw a lot of people repping the merch, and discussing their excitement for this long-awaited performance. 

After two openers, the lights finally dimmed for Thursday at 9:30 pm. I’m always very excited to see a new band and witness the crowd’s passion for the music. They walked onstage to low swelling music and dim red light. Then the guitar exploded with a heavy riff and everyone’s hands were in the air for the first track of the album, ‘For The Workforce, Drowning’. Luckily for me, the lighting was bright enough to capture the band with ease.

Frontman Geoff Rickly jumped around with so much youthful energy, I wouldn’t have guessed that he’s in his mid-40s, honestly. He looked like he wanted to jump right into the crowd. The rest of the band also looked ecstatic to be there. Playing in an intimate venue like this one, where everyone knew all the words to the 11-track album. I’m assuming this tour was to celebrate 20 years of War All The Time, which is a really cool thing. I wish more bands would do. 

A little background on the band – Thursday is a rock band from New Jersey, that formed in 1997. They had a lot of success in the early 2000s, touring and playing festivals, reaching Billboard 200, and releasing 6 albums from 1999-2009. After their 2011 record ‘No Devolución’, the band went on an indefinite hiatus and disbanded soon after. They returned for an official reunion in 2016 and have been touring since. Although their next album was not released until 2022. That really just goes to show how dedicated their fans are, to be able to tour for several years without new music out.

Back to the show… I would admit that The Depot has pretty basic lighting, but Thursday does not seem to rely on visuals for their performance. I found myself just watching for a bit instead of shooting. The crowd was always engaged and having an absolute blast. The melodies and thundering guitar and drums caught my attention frequently. There is undoubtedly a strong connection with this band, having the same lineup even after a long break and finding a renewed passion for playing shows. I’m sure they’re going to keep touring and making music for a while.

Rickly’s vocals are powerful and the band has overflowing confidence in what they do. They have so much musical skill, I thoroughly enjoyed it. For the encore, they played ‘Beyond the Visible Spectrum’ and their hit ‘Understanding in a Car Crash’. They put on an amazing show, that I’m sure their fans will revere for years to come. Even from an outside perspective, it was a clear testament to the band’s enduring legacy and their ability to captivate a crowd with a remarkable live performance.

One Reply to “Thursday”

  1. War All the Time
    1. For the Workforce, Drowning
    2. Between Rupture and Rapture
    3. Division St.
    4. Signals Over the Air
    5. Marches and Maneuvers
    6. Asleep in the Chapel
    7. This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb
    8. Steps Ascending
    9. War All the Time
    10. M. Shepard
    11. Tomorrow I’ll Be You

    12. Jet Black New Year

    13. Beyond the Visible Spectrum
    14. Understanding in a Car Crash

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