Chance Peña

Chance Peña • Hayd • February 10, 2024 • Kilby Court

Reviewed and Photographed by Miriam Wasden

Upcoming singer-songwriter Chance Peña played a sold-out Kilby Court with Hayd. Kilby Court isn’t his only show that is sold out. In fact, his entire tour is completely sold out. It was exciting to see this budding star play in such an intimate setting. He will definitely be playing a larger venue next time he stops in Salt Lake City.

From the beginning of Hayd’s set, the feeling of the audience was known. Everyone there was into the lyrics and melody of both artists. It’s important to note how both artists were involved in the display of their performance, what I mean by this is that they were deliberate in choosing each song for their set as accompanying stories were also told. 

Thankfully no mosh pits started during this concert, instead, it seemed as though each person in the audience was in a trance: calm, in awe, supportive, and adoring are a few words to describe it. Kilby Court provides a very intimate experience between artist, band, and audience. Front and center there was a girl who did not film any part of either performance but instead was admiring every person involved in the performance. This is what concerts are about, sharing a passion that allows us to connect with others. 

Hayd and Chance Peña have written songs together that each performed separately, though it would have been amazing to see them perform together. While some openers have a relationship with who they are touring with, I don’t normally hear about them writing songs together. This was a unique concert that fans were able to connect with the artists. 

There was a very excited little boy, probably around seven or eight years old, with his father at Kilby Court who often left the crowded garage to take a breath outside before going back to wait for the little boys favorite singer: Chance Peña. The boy asked “where’s chance? Is he coming on soon?” about every fifteen minutes. There was never a nagging or angry expression on his face, admiration and excitement were the only emotions that could be felt from both the boy and the father. 

Chance Peña is a great songwriter who is able to create such profound imagery to convey the emotions he feels. What a beautiful experience it is to watch these stories and feelings come to light with instruments and pure soul.

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