LANY • Hazlett • Conor Burns • March 9, 2024 • Delta Center

Reviewed and Photographed by Alisha Gregson

On Saturday, March 9th, multi-platinum pop-rock band LANY, brought their A Beautiful Blur tour to The Delta Center in the heart of Salt Lake City. The Los Angeles-based band consists of lead vocalist Paul Jason Klein and drummer Jake Clifford Gross. The duo performed an incredible and non-stop entertaining show to a packed house. The band made it clear that their top priority was their fans. Although it was LANY on stage, they kept the crowd in the spotlight all night. The way Klein interacted with the audience was above and beyond what I typically see at concerts, and it brought an exciting energy to the show. I am convinced that the connection between the band and its fans is a big reason they have such a loyal following. 

Over the years, LANY has developed a special appreciation for Salt Lake City and the exceptionally devoted fans who live here. Klein mentioned that this was their favorite city to play for. He told the crowd how much they have enjoyed playing at the various venues in the area, starting with their first Utah performance in 2015 at The Loading Dock, a small venue that closed its doors a couple of years ago. Since their first show with a crowd of around 200, LANY has returned to other venues including Saltair, The Depot, and Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre (Formerly USANA Amphitheater.) LANY’s last performance in Utah was actually only 5 months ago on September 30th, just one day after they released their newest album A Beautiful Blur.

A friend and I happened to be downtown that day and we saw a long line formed outside of The Depot. We were surprised by this because it was early afternoon, and The Depot didn’t have any concerts scheduled that night. After talking to a couple of people, we learned that the long line had gathered with hopes of attending a free LANY pop-up concert. The band can easily fill Utah’s largest venues, so I am not surprised that they had fans waiting in line all day to be one of the lucky ones to make it inside for a much smaller and more intimate concert. While Utah Concert Review wasn’t there at their pop-up concert, we have had the opportunity to attend many of their other shows since the beginning of their career. 

Conor Burns

Conor Burns was the first to take the stage and started the night with an electric performance. He held nothing back as he jumped and danced around. He did an excellent job engaging the crowd and got everyone hyped for a fun night. His set was short but memorable and his energy made him a strong opener. His crowd work wasn’t over when he left the stage, and right after he finished, I saw him walking around the arena giving high fives and taking selfies with fans. 


Next up was Australian singer-songwriter Hazlett. Unlike the performance before him, Hazlett brought a calm energy to the Delta Center. Without any of the jumping and dancing, the focus was all on him and his strong vocals. His interaction with the crowd also looked very different from his fellow artists. Instead of getting right into the crowd for hugs and selfies, he connected with the fans through his storytelling. He also expressed his appreciation for all the love and support he was receiving while on his first tour in the United States. The audience seemed to connect with him and his emotional songs.

Before leaving the stage, Hazlett told the crowd he had to choose between bringing merch, or his guitar with him from Australia. While he didn’t have any merch available for his fans, he said he would be out by the tables ready to chat with anyone who wanted to say hello. I personally really enjoyed his set and look forward to following his career.


From the minute LANY took the stage, to their confetti-covered encore, there wasn’t a single dull moment. Fans cheered so loud, it felt like the entire venue shook, as the band began playing “you!” from their 2020 album “Mama’s Boy.” Paul Jason Klein occasionally alternated between guitar and keyboard but spent most of the time running all around the venue focusing on vocals, and the crowd. They performed a set of 23 songs, including “It Even Rains in LA,” “Thick and Thin,” and “Congrats.” 

Paul Jason Klein mentioned a couple of times how much he loves the fans in Utah. It was obvious that the feeling was mutual. The energy the crowd brought to the Delta Center was amazing and elevated the whole experience. Many fans arrived wearing LANY merch and brought homemade signs with messages to the band. I also saw fans holding red roses that were later thrown on stage. An old tradition that I have often seen depicted in film but rarely in person. Kleins interaction with the fans was nonstop. At one point he held a video camera and as he filmed the audience. The live video was displayed behind him on stage. Later he would grab someone’s phone and record a video while singing into the camera. Another fan handed him her pink cowboy hat, and from another, he grabbed more red roses. 

The lead singer didn’t just interact with the crowd from the stage. He wasn’t afraid to get right in the middle of the crowd. Klein was swarmed by his fans as he walked through the floor of the venue and up the steps into the seated areas. He didn’t skip a beat and continued singing flawlessly as excited members of the audience reached out to hug him and take selfies. 

Later in the evening, drummer Jake Clifford Gross left the haze-covered stage and joined Paul Jason Klein at the end of the catwalk in the center of the arena. It was fun to see the way the duo interacted, and their genuine friendship was endearing. LANY kept the entire crowd on their feet as they continued through their set. The audience sang along with more of their favorites like, “Mean It,” and “13.” After playing “Malibu Nights,” they walked off stage while the cheers from the crowd continued to grow louder.

A minute later, they returned to the stage and covered the venue with confetti as they performed “ILYSB,” and “XXL” for their encore. Any fans left holding roses threw them on the stage while the band received their final applause. The energy at the Delta Center was incredible from beginning to end, and LANY put on an amazing and engaging show. 

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