Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer•August 3, 2023•Red Butte Garden

Reviewed and Photographed by Jenica Schulz

When Andy Grammer took the stage in Salt Lake City, Utah, the crowd erupted into cheers as he kicked off his performance with the anthemic hit, “Love is the New Money.” He makes an analogy he heard from a John Mayer show saying “Remember as a kid and you had the crackers and peanut butter but you try to equally distribute it for every cracker, but you have a ton of leftover peanut butter at the end? Well, this is the last night of the tour and we have a lot of extra peanut butter.” Little did he know that Mother Nature had a surprise in store for them.

He later yelled out, “Utah! You’re my kind of people!”. Amidst the cheers and applause, Andy shared that he doesn’t drink but humorously admitted that when he needs a pick-me-up, he reaches for a Diet Coke instead. This revelation endeared him even more to his fans, showcasing a relatable side to his larger-than-life persona.

As the sun set over Salt Lake Valley, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. Grammer’s infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics connected instantly with the audience, creating an intimate and uplifting ambiance. The artist charmed the audience and set in a heartfelt tone as he shared the story of a concert-goer who had sent him a personal story of a baby she recently lost to which he dedicated the tune “Best of You” to.

As the concert continued into the night, a sudden change in weather swept over the city. Lightning storms, common occurrences in Utah’s summer months, forced event organizers to prioritize everyone’s safety. With great disappointment, the crowds were ushered out of Red Butte Garden, which was an outdoor amphitheater, following the safety protocols.

Though the concert came to an abrupt halt, the Salt Lake crowd did not let the weather dampen their spirits. Andy followed concertgoers to the parking lot as he continued his show to a smaller crowd, hoping for the weather to clear up.

After a brief hiatus and careful monitoring of the weather conditions, the decision was made to cancel the show for the remainder of the evening. We know we will see Andy Grammer return to Salt Lake soon. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for clear skies when that day comes.

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