LeAnn Rimes, August 19, 2019, Scera Shell Outdoor Theater

By: Evelyn Salazar

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

Not only is LeAnn Rimes absolutely beautiful, but she has the voice of an angel. This past Monday she had the Scera Shell Theater packed with fans of all ages. All the seats were sold out and the lawn was covered with tons of blankets and chairs filled with people setting up to see their favorite artist. I got there before showtime and watched the Mayor of Orem City on stage, welcoming everyone to the concert. Before the show, the venue gave out pamphlets to everyone and they were doing giveaway prizes on stage! If your pamphlet had certain stickers on certain pages, you were able to win some really cool prizes. I thought that was awesome and a fun way to get everyone focused on the stage before showtime.

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

Once LeAnn Rimes came out, the crowd cheered so loud, giving her a big welcome to Utah. She walked out with a huge smile on her face and ready to play. When she started singing I instantly was blown away by her beautiful voice. I hadn’t heard any of her music in a long time, only when I was young and my parents would listen to her. Funny thing, LeAnn Rimes was actually the first concert I ever attended. She performed at what was The Delta Center over a decade ago and my parents dragged me to her concert. I can remember it still! So to see her again all these years later, and to be able to take photos of her was really special to me.

Not only was Rimes an angel when she sang but she was also just the nicest person. I don’t think I’ve seen an artist interact with the crowd as much as she did. She was having casual conversations with the audience, acknowledged all the screaming compliments headed her way and just seemed like a genuine person who really cares about her fans and was happy to be there. 

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

It honestly was a party! She had fans up and dancing in their seats and on the lawn. It was really awesome to witness. She had a good mix of her iconic songs and a lot of covers that she performed with her own twist on it. No matter what she was singing it sounded amazing. There were a few times the crowd pulled out their phones and turned on their flashlights to wave back and forth. During one of those moments, she asked the tech crew to turndown her spotlights for a minute, so that the audience could be her light, is what she said. It was beautiful. The whole venue was lit up with people singing along. I brought my mom with me to the concert because she has always loved her. LeAnn Rimes actually sings one of my parents’ songs, “How Do I Live” and it was very touching for me to hear it performed live, especially for my mom. It was wonderful.

Her stage presence was graceful and she is just a sweetheart. At one point in the night, a fan went up to the stage and she crouched down and gave him a hug. Another fan had her face tattooed on his leg that she saw and said that was dedication. Like I said, her interaction with the audience was fantastic. It made everyone feel like she was a friend. 

I had never been to the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater but I think it was a perfect venue for this concert. It’s a nice sized, outdoor amphitheater with good acoustics. It was like a baby USANA Amphitheater in Orem. The size was perfect and the lighting was great. You had a good view of the stage from anywhere in the venue. I sat on the lawn with my mom for the rest of the performance and I could see everything perfectly. It was also fun being around all the dancing fans.

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

LeAnn Rimes is definitely loved here in Utah, and it was a beautiful night to get down to some country music, plus some excellent covers she performed as well. It was fun watching her dance on stage, especially after she took off her large 6+ inch heels! She was running around, jumping and singing and jamming with her band. She put on a great performance that fans won’t forget.

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

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  1. Loved reading this review especially since LeAnn is my favorite artist, hence the reason I have her face tattooed on my leg. Keep up the great work and I hope to see some more great pictures and read another great review when she comes back to Utah again.

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