Twin Tribes

Twin Tribes • Urban Heat • Vandall Moon • February 6, 2024 • Urban Lounge

Reviewed and Photographed by Thea Chevelle

I have been looking forward to seeing Twin Tribes at Urban Lounge since the Pendulum tour was first announced. I have had the privilege of shooting Twin Tribes once before at the Near Dark Festival in Phoenix, and I was absolutely blown away by the sheer talent and connection shared between the two musicians.

Luis Navarro (vocals, guitar, synth, drum machines) and Joel Niño, Jr. (bass, synth, vocals) came together in 2017 and formed this powerful darkwave duo. Their first album, Shadows, was released in 2018 and quickly gained a following.

Photo Credit: Thea Chevelle

Pendulum, their third studio album, is a testament to the growth these two have achieved together musically. The album has such a perfect balance of all of their signature sounds while introducing the next phase of the band’s musical evolution.

Okay, now on to the review :

Openers Vandall Moon and Urban Heat were the perfect addition to getting the crowd’s energy up and ready for Twin Tribes. I don’t think there was a still body in the place all night.

Led by the charismatic frontman, Blake Voss, Vandal Moon exuded an air of cool confidence, instantly commanding the attention of all in attendance with their magnetic presence.

Urban heat ignited a frenzy of movement as they took the stage, unleashing a wave of electrifying dance beats upon the eager crowd. With their signature blend of synthwave and darkwave, the band wasted no time in captivating the audience with their energy.

Following the two amazing performances from the openers, Urban Lounge filled with an otherworldly enthusiasm as Twin Tribes came on stage. Drawing a diverse crowd of goths, darkwave aficionados, and curious souls alike, the evening promised a journey into the depths of musical enchantment.

From the moment the haunting synthesizers filled the air, accompanied by the driving rhythms of drum machines, it was evident that Twin Tribes were here to transport us to a realm where time seemed to stand still.

Black leather and bolos, their aesthetic perfectly complemented the atmospheric soundscape they meticulously crafted.

As the ethereal vocals of Luis Navarro reverberated through the venue, intertwining with the hypnotic basslines of Joel Niño Jr., the audience was hooked. With each song, Twin Tribes wove a tapestry of emotion, blending elements of post-punk, darkwave, and synth-pop into a seamless multisensory experience.

As the final notes faded into the night, there was a palpable sense of reverence among the crowd, as if we had all borne witness to something truly extraordinary. Twin Tribes had not only delivered a performance to remember but had also reaffirmed their status as torchbearers of the darkwave genre.

Once again they proved themselves to be true masters of their craft, delivering a performance that transcended the boundaries of genre and left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to bear witness.

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