Tove Lo

Tove Lo w/ Slayyyter• Dirt Femme Tour• February 21, 2023• The Union

Reviewed and Photographed by Kaden Severn

Girl power was the theme of the Union Tuesday evening! Fans braved the blizzard and packed into the Union Event Center to watch Tove Lo on her sold-out Dirt Femme Tour.


Photo Credit: Kaden Severn

Opener Slayyyter came out to a loud roar of applause. She was dressed in a fantastic sparkly dress and wore some glamorous shades as she performed. Her music was super groovy and many fans knew many of her hits such as “Mine”, “Hello Kitty”, and “BFF”. Many of her songs made me feel like I was dancing at the nightclub, but even better was the fact that she was singing the songs so it was a live performance too.

Slayyyter talked about female empowerment and just being able to live her dreams! Her set ran around 45 minutes and performed many tracks off her 2021 album Troubled Paradise. She ended her performance with her song “Daddy AF” and everyone went crazy! It was a great opening act and got the crowd ready for Tove Lo.

Tove Lo

Fluffy cloud set pieces were set up around the stage. It made the set look very dreamlike. After an instrumental intro filled with lots of smoke and eerie lighting, Tove Lo (pronounced too-veh loo) came out like a triumphant queen as she performed “Pineapple Slice”. Known for her edgy and unique costume designs Tove Lo did not disappoint on her outfit.

 She started the set with many new songs from her Dirt Femme album. She then transitioned to her more dancing/rave-like songs such as “disco tits” and “Talking Bodies”. Many times she touched on things such as mental health and just having belief in yourself. She also mentioned how much she loves female body empowerment and confidence in one’s self-image. Salt Lake even got one of her famous “flashes”. She then switched the tone of the show to a little more slow and more intimate kind of vibe. She covered heartbreak and love in “True Romance” and “Moments”. 

One thing I noticed the whole show was just how powerful her voice carried throughout the venue. The audience was engaged with her the entire time. It was a phenomenal environment and the night ended off with two of her major songs (and my personal favorites) “Habits (Stay High)” and “No One Dies From Love”. It was a fantastic show with two fantastic female vocalists!

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