SLC Twilight- Santigold August 30, 2019, Gallivan Center

By: Evelyn Salazar

Photo Credit: Evelyn Salazar

Last week was the last Twilight Concert Series of the Summer 2019 and everyone seemed to have come out for the night because The Gallivan Center was packed! It only makes sense that the last show of the summer would be so busy. As summer is almost over, people are trying to hold on to the last little bit of it. Santigold was the last performance on this great, summer line up, and she had a giant crowd to perform to! But long even before she went on, the plaza was filled with people having a good time. All the food truck lines were long, people grabbing their beers for a good time, the giant games on the lawn were all occupied, it really was the coolest spot to be at. 

Photo Credit: Evelyn Salazar

Now I have never heard any of Santigold’s music, but I knew she has collaborated with some big-name rappers and has produced a lot of music. I had heard she was a good performer, so I was excited to see her live, and boy was I surprised. Before Santigold walked on stage, the rest of her band took their places, along with two dancers, one on each side of the stage. The outfits were all extremely colorful and there were floating Pom Pom balloons on stage. I didn’t know what to expect. Santigold came out in a flashy, gold, shimmery, ruffled outfit that she rocked! The crowd was cheering loud and by the looks of the fans against the barricade, you could tell they were pumped. She started performing and I was super impressed! Not only did she have an awesome voice but she wasn’t just singing, she performed choreographed dances in sync with her two dancers. It was super cool to watch! Santigold is an awesome entertainer. Her eccentric style and stage presence was something out of the ordinary. But that’s a good thing, it was refreshing, new, and different. Everyone was vibing with it. I haven’t seen the Gallivan Center that packed for a few shows now, but it was crowded! One of the best parts of being in front of the barricade is you can see and look out into the audience and notice just how many people are there, all jamming out. Per usual, people were in the back dancing around and enjoying the sounds.

Santigold would talk to the crowd between songs, asking how SLC was doing and letting her Utah audience know that she was so excited to be here and she was ready to dance with all of us. She was very nice and talked to the crowd often, making it more fun to watch her perform. She performed with a giant smile on her face and you could just see she was having a good time as well. 

As always, The Gallivan Center is an amazing venue and the perfect choice for the Twilight Concert Series. I’m so glad it’s back there. The outdoor venue offers great acoustics and great scenery, creating beautiful views of the sun setting against the large, glass buildings. It always feels so good at Twilight. It’s always good vibes. Santigold was a great choice to end this summer’s lineup. She brought out one of the largest crowds of the summer and really left everyone in a great mood. She was fun, energetic, entertaining and fresh! And even people like me who hadn’t heard any of her music enjoyed the show because of how colorful and fun it was!

Photo Credit: Evelyn Salazar

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