Salt City Sounds X Ambassadors July 17, 2019

By: Evelyn Salazar

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

Outdoor, summer concerts are such a wonderful experience! They are always my favorite because by the time the headliner comes on, the sun is setting and it’s not burning hot outside. Everyone is relaxed in their seats or on the lawn and it’s so chill while people wait for the band to take the stage. It was no different with at Salt City Sounds with X Ambassadors. Before the show, the Gallivan Center filled with people of all ages. Food trucks of all kinds lined the plaza and there were a lot of choices of drinks for the 21+ crowd. Not only that, but there were stands set up with different mini-games and lots of spin the wheel for prizes games. Some fans who wanted to just chill out snagged a spot on the soft grass, laying out there blankets and snacks. Even more pumped fans headed straight to the pit to make sure they had a good view.

When X Ambassadors came on the crowd from front to back cheered and started singing along to their favorite songs. Lead singer, Sam Harris was filled with so much energy right from the beginning! He jumped around the stage, left to right, getting the crowd pumped. He had so much hops in him! You could tell he was enjoying himself and being here in Salt Lake City. Crowd favorites were played like “Renegade” and “Don’t Stay”. The pit had filled up and everyone’s hands were waving from side to side. Harris’ energy never died down. Switching from his guitar to the saxophone, and jamming out next to keyboardist Casey Harris, who if you didn’t know, is blind, but still knows how to rock those keys! It’s so fun to watch him.

Photo By: Evelyn Salazar
Photo By: Evelyn Salazar

Towards the end of the night, Harris even jumped on top of the crowd and surfed the crowd! Fans were so excited to be holding him up, pushing him along. It was quite the sight! It’s such a great way to connect with the audience as well, which is something X Ambassadors are great at! Once again, the venue was perfect. It held the right amount of people, the acoustics were great and everyone had a good view of the stage! It’s definitely, a great place to either sit on the grass and relax or go hard close to the stage.

X Ambassadors had an amazing setlist, great energy that kept the crowd pumped the whole time and just an overall great stage presence.

Next, on the Salt City Sounds lineup is, Kaskade. He’ll be at the Gallivan Center on Saturday, July 27. Click here to purchase tickets.

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