Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling• Snow Waltz Tour• December 16, 2022• Maverik Center

Reviewed and Photographed by Josilyn Wakkuri Lybbert

Snow Waltz

On December 16, the multi-talented violinist Lindsey Stirling brought her Snow Waltz Tour to the Maverik Center in West Valley City, UT. Fans ranging in age from toddlers and beyond filled the arena excited for a night of Christmas music and entertainment! Even though I had played (or as my brother would say, “screeched,”) the violin for nearly a decade, for some reason I wasn’t too familiar with Lindsey Stirling. For years, I have heard from many that she is extremely talented and puts on a wonderful show. So I was excited to experience it for myself!

My night got off to a bumpy start. I sat in traffic a half mile from the arena for nearly an hour. But once I got to the arena area, police officers and venue staff were very helpful. They directed the line of cars to get parked quickly. I, along with others who were in the traffic, were sprinting through the parking lot to make it inside twenty minutes late.

I was worried that I missed my time taking photos, which for this show was the first six songs. Luckily, I had only missed the first two songs. I ended up being able to photograph for over 30 minutes, which was such a relief!

Lindsey Stirling

Immediately, I noticed the wonder that Lindsey’s shows create. Dressed in a fun pink dress, she was singing when I walked in, which I didn’t expect. She has a beautiful voice! I knew she was a skilled violinist, so I was instantly even more impressed to hear her singing, too. There was a guy named Eric who came on stage dressed in a Christmas tree costume, with present shaped shoes. It added an extra element of fun to the ongoing performance! There was a little house on stage. On top of the house, two band members were set up on top of the house playing the drums, guitar, and keyboard. Dancers with rotating coordinating outfits, and props such as umbrellas and masks, would take the stage off and on throughout the show.

Lindsey changed into her second outfit of many of the evening. It was a beautiful emerald green dress with a plaid skirt and a top donned with pearls and flowers. She began playing a cheery rendition of, “Joy To The World,” then flowed seamlessly into, “I Saw Three Ships.” During that portion of the song, her dancers came on stage with three small wooden ships on wheels and they raced across the stage. Following that, Lindsey talked about how she accidentally became known for making TikTok videos with the crowd at her shows. She asked if she could make one that night with everyone. The audience LOVED that idea!


Stirling filmed her bit of the video on stage and asked if anyone in the crowd knew how to play the violin. Many people jumped up on their feet and raised their hands eagerly in hopes of getting picked to play with Lindsey! Lindsey made her way into the crowd and everyone was so excited to have her walking around amongst them. She chose over a handful of thrilled fans to play bits of, “Joy To The World.” Some really did know how to play the violin. Others didn’t, but they were happy to give it a try!

Following that fun segment of the show, the other two band members came down from the roof of the house prop on stage. Lindsey had a tiny violin with her and presented them with a mini piano and a mini drum set. The three of them sat on the stage and began a medley of so many classic favorite songs. Songs including, “Jingle Bells,” “Deck The Halls,” “Frosty The Snowman,” “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,” “Harry Potter Theme Song,” “Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer,” and, “Jingle Bell Rock.” Each time a new song started in the medley, the crowd would cheer!

Lindsey took time to speak about her past struggle with anxiety and how shows used to be hard for her with a battle with stage fright. She worked to overcome that and realize what she was doing was enough. She said that whether people believe in the Christmas story or not, she believes that it’s so beautiful that someone was sent so that anyone’s best, no matter what their best looked like, was always enough. That led into the song, “O Holy Night,” which she said was her testimony. She played a moving rendition of the song on the violin, as well as sang some of the song, too. The lights, which were always unique to each song, would make the stage glow dark purple, and then the spotlight would shine on her. It was a gorgeous presentation!

After, “O Holy Night,” Lindsey told the story of how she evaluated and relied on her faith after losing her father and best friend to cancer. She said she noticed that through little miracles, she knows that angels are a part of our everyday lives. She shared a conversation that she had when she was having a hard day with a neighbor she barely knew. He said things and displayed expressions that so clearly reminded her of her dad that it was just like he was there. She said that while she can’t speak with her father anymore, she believes that we have a father in heaven and angels among us that get messages to us that we need in ways that we understand.

That prompted the song, “Angels We Have Heard On High.” It was a lovely piece. I wasn’t expecting to be so touched. But as Lindsey emotionally played the song on the violin, and the dancers, dressed as angels, surrounded her as she played, I was moved to tears at the visual representation of angels not being too far off.

During the next song, Lindsey Stirling was attached to a bungee. She was lifted into the air and spun around all while playing the violin. I don’t know how she did it! Just watching her made me dizzy. I couldn’t imagine spinning like that let alone playing the violin, and so skillfully at that! 

The action didn’t stop there! For, “Santa Baby,” she sang the entire song while performing an acrobatic routine on a hoop in the air! Again, I couldn’t fathom even doing the routine let alone singing, and singing so well at that! 

Lindsey also played holiday favorites such as, “Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy”. Which was upbeat and thrilling with the stage visuals. And, “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” which led to the stage glowing bright green, of course!

As the night drew to a close, the joy that Lindsey brought to everyone in attendance at the Maverik Center was apparent. People were beaming, and so was I, from the magical holiday show she gifted us! I’ve heard that Lindsey stops in Utah often, and I’m glad she does because I’d love to experience that again!

Photo Credit: Josylin Wakkuri Lybbert

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