Jay Som September 21, 2019, Urban Lounge

Photo Credit: Kaden Severn

By: Kaden Severn

It was an exciting night at Urban Lounge.  Jay Som, alternative songwriter sold out the venue and anticipation was definitely in the air as the support bands played their sets.  Jay Som, the pseudonym of Melina Duterte. She actually used the same Wu-Tang Name Generator site that gave Donald Glover his pseudonym, Childish Gambino.  After posting songs on a variety of social media outlets, Jay Som was signed to a label and began touring supporting other bands and getting her name out there.  And now here she was, selling out her own headlining show in Utah. The evening was electric. It’s exciting to see an artist on the cusp of taking their career to the next level.  

As I walked into the Urban Lounge, I was welcomed by the mellow sounds of opener Affectionately. The band rocked out to some chill songs that you couldn’t help but bob your head to. Although I missed most the set I did make it in time to enjoy some great music.

Photo Credit: Kaden Severn

Next up was Boy Scouts. Led by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist, Taylor Vick, Boy Scouts set was full of inviting and soothing music. It felt like a slow walk through the woods, admiring the beauty of nature around you. Every pair of eyes in the room were glued to her face as her hypnotizing voice welcomed the audience with open arms and drew in everyone’s attention. The bands set was fairly short but beautiful, nonetheless.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were headlining Urban Lounge soon. 

Photo Credit: Kaden Severn

Being a big name in the Indie-Rock world, Jay Som graced the room with her mysterious tone and voice. Each song, each lyric was truly a part of her and you could feel it. As I looked around the room I saw so much diversity of ages, races, genders and really all walks of life. I think that the diversity of the room mirrored the tone of Jay Som’s music. 

Photo Credit: Kaden Severn

Before this show, I was not familiar with Jay Som’s music.  It really wasn’t the type of music you needed to know to really appreciate. Sometimes it’s the best not being familiar with an artist because you don’t need to hear a specific song.  You just take them all in and enjoy the entire body of the show. Most of her set featured songs off her latest album Anak Ko, which she says on her Spotify biography is a phrase her mother would call her. “It’s an endearing thing to say, it feels comfortable.” And I think that comfortable and endearing are perfect adjectives to describe her music. Some of my favorite songs were “Superbike” and “Pirouette”.  There was a real indie feel that seems to have a strong presence in the college music scene. The crowd really got moving during these songs and I could tell that their excitement and expectations for this show were being met by Jay and her band. 

Jay Som has a mellow and relaxing presence on stage but the music has an energetic vibe.  The eleven song set was mearly a sample size of what Jay Som can do. I know the next time she comes through town the audience will be expecting an even longer set! The music was simply art and I left the show relaxed by Som and yet fired up by the music I heard.  I’d say it was a successful night for her in Utah.

Photo Credit: Kaden Severn


If You Want It

Turn Into


Anak Ko


Nighttime Drive

Peace Out

Super Bike

Get Well

The Bus Song


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