for King & Country July 30, 2021 Sandy Amphitheater

It was a perfect night for a concert and for King & Country did not disappoint. It was another sold-out show at the Sandy Amphitheater. This summer they have had a great run of shows and they’re packing the place.

The weather was excellent for a concert. What was originally a hot day was perfect at showtime. There was cloud cover while it was still light out so it never got too hot in the amphitheater. There were only a few times where it sprinkled a little. For the most part, it stayed dry.

Photo Credit: Breanna Downs

The Smallbone brothers, Joel and Luke, originally from Australia, now live in Nashville. Joel gave us a convincing Tennessee accent leading the crowd in a few “Yee Haw”‘s.

They had a very cool opening to their show. There were fog effects, and a huge tarp dropped from up top revealing the band and stage behind it. The crowd cheered so loud and they kept that energy going for the rest of the show.

I was so impressed with how talented for King & Country were. The range of instruments that each member of the band was able to play was something to behold. It seemed like every time I’d look over at Benjamin Backus’ direction he was playing a new instrument. I’m pretty certain I saw him playing Cello, Guitar, Drums, and Piano. I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed an instrument. He was so talented!

Luke Smallbone was sporting a snare drum for the majority of the show. It was really fun to see him cross the stage banging away and bringing the energy. It definitely added to the look of the show and the energy of the night.

Another thing that stood out was how lively the Smallbone brothers were. Really all of for King & Country were spirited, but the brothers never slowed down. They were dancing and moving around all night. The crowd was on their feet following along with clapping and singing. They were really good frontmen. Even with the cloud cover, and the cooler temperature, it still had to have been in the high 80s. I was definitely impressed.

In a meaningful and heartfelt moment in the show, Joel took a moment to discuss the terrible issue of human trafficking that’s currently going on throughout the world. This lead to him speaking about how important it is to treasure the women in our lives. He expressed that each woman is very special and unique. Then he played “Priceless” from the album Run Wild. Live Free. Die Strong.

My favorite song of the night was, “joy.” It’s a super upbeat song. The entire crowd was on their feet. People were up and dancing and singing their hearts out! It was such a fun part of the song. The song has such a special message. The lyric “The time has come to make a choice, and I choose Joy!” stuck with me. As they played the song a confetti cannon went off and shot confetti all over the stage and into the front of the audience.

Photo Credit: Breanna Downs
Photo Credit: Breanna Downs

This was my first time ever seeing for King & Country in concert. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I was more than happy I attended this show. They sounded great, and they performed with high energy. It was a really fun night.

Reviewed By: Breanna Downs

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