Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry w/ AG Club, Mike Dimes, & PlayThatBoiZay• April 2, 2022• The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Kaden Severn

The Complex was host to a sold-out Denzel Curry show Saturday night. On just the second date of his US tour, fans of the rap artist quickly filled up the Rockwell room. It was only a short wait after doors opened until PlayThatBoiZay took the stage as the opening act. He was a great first act and immediately got the crowd’s energy up. He was a rager and his tracks had everyone jumping and vibing even without knowing the lyrics.

Mike Dimes

Next to take the stage was young underground up and comer Mike Dimes. He has recently attained a lot of success with his latest album In Dimes We Trust. I was excited to see how he was live. For such a young rapper Mike was a fantastic lyricist and performed with the precision of a much more experienced artist. I was very impressed with his whole set.

AG Club

Hip-hop duo AG Club was next and they came out to a massive reaction from the crowd. Their energy and performing dynamics really reminded me of Rae Sremmurd. They were out on the rail and getting right up close to the crowd. At one point, Jody was leaping from box to box all while not skipping a beat of the song. They split the crowd down the middle for a massive mosh pit and the crowd went so crazy. The barrier actually broke for a little bit before security quickly fixed it. Needless to say, the crowd’s energy was extremely hype and everyone was ready for Denzel!

Denzel Curry

Denzel came out to “Melt Session #1” and didn’t move very much for the first song. He stayed right by the mic and every word he said was enticing. It really drew everyone’s attention. I really enjoy his flow and live it sounds just as good! He then went into “Walkin” where he broke off from the mic and started moving around much more. Mike is known to be a really high-energy performer and he did not disappoint.

The first half of the show comprised mainly of songs from his latest album, Melt My Eyez, See Your Future. It’s a very melodic and more lyrical sound than some of his older tracks. Everyone was vibing and just really enjoying the impressive rapping. Later in the show is when things started to get really rowdy!

Some of his older songs came on such as “Black Balloons”, “Sumo” and of course his massive hit “Ultimate”. When “Ultimate” came on I had to get out of the crowd to protect my camera gear because of the massive mosh pit that happened on the drop. It was pretty intense and the energy of the song had everyone just turned up to the max! The set continued on for a while with the second half of the album and then he finished with his catchy hit “Diet”.

It was a long set and just full of energy. I think the fans really got their money’s worth. They got to rage to Denzel’s high-energy tracks. As well as vibe to his chiller more lyrical songs.

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