Sitting on Stacy

Sitting on Stacy & Aquadolls w/ Hurtado• April 7, 2022• Kilby Court

Reviewed and Photographed by Mallorie Lerman


As dusk settled on Salt Lake City Thursday, Hurtado took the stage at Kilby Court, ready for a new chapter in their home state. The crowd buzzed with excitement as lead singer and frontman Sam Hurtado grabbed the mic. With his brother Simon on drums, Will on lead guitar, and Simon on bass, Hurtado captivated the audience with their indie but dreamy vibes. After playing a few songs, Sam took a moment to connect with the audience and their loyal fans. He introduced himself and the band. Then went on to explain that their new single “Energizer Bunny” had just been released that day. It was a special moment for Hurtado.  

This was their first live performance of their very first Spotify/ Apple music release. Sam went on to explain that their new single is about being a good friend to the people who need you. It’s about “powering things”. They closed out their lively performance by teaching the audience the chorus to one of their new singles. The entirety of the crowd was jumping, dancing, singing, and having a blast together.

Sitting on Stacy

Photo Credit: Mallorie Lerman

Earlier that day Melissa of the Aquadolls sent out a message over social media. She explained to fans that she had lost her voice and needed to take time to heal and rest.  She was saddened, but it was determined necessary to cancel their Salt Lake City performance.  Co-headliners, Sitting on Stacy proved to Salt Lake on Thursday night that they were more than capable of rising to the challenge. After a bit of noisy mic feedback, lead singer Hoyt Yeatman, bassist Kyle Hart, and drummer Trevor Smith revved up the crowd with their strong vocals and their single “Oh Baby”. 

Sitting on Stacy got their start in Southern California. This “three piece wack rock band” gained notoriety for their beach boy/Tony Hawk Pro Skater sound by opening for the Jonas Brothers and gaining an audience on Tik Tok. Sitting On Stacy had the whole audience bouncing along with them and screaming back their lyrics as Hoyt and Kyle rocked around the stage. The high energy of this performance made the excitement at Kilby Court almost palpable. 

The ‘boys’ took a small break from their songs to play a few classics. They covered “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy and “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. They had a great time. Not only interacting with each other on stage but with their fans in the audience as well. Drummer, Trevor Smith took a stuffed goat, a signature item of the band, and threw it to a lucky person reaching for it. During one of their high tempo songs, Hoyt even invited some members of the audience to come up on stage with them and dance to their song as they played. This small and intimate venue was perfect for Sitting On Stacy. They were able to really connect and have a good time with their fans and audience. 

The atmosphere was alive and bouncing with their reggae/rock sounds. They ended the night on a high note, members Hoyt and Kyle collapsing on each other and falling on stage, laying there for a couple seconds, taking in the moment and their very first performance ever in Utah.

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