Chloe Moriondo October 7, 2021 Kilby Court

Chloe Moriondo Blood Bunny Tour Kilby Court

Reviewed by Vanessa Holt 

It had been well over a good year and a half since I had been to a show at Kilby Court.  I was very much excited to be back. Especially for a sold-out show. When I  arrived at the venue the line was stretched down the alleyway.  Everyone was buzzing with excitement for the show and ecstatic that Chloe Moriondo was playing a small enough venue where they could have a small and intimate show with the artist. I was going into this show with absolutely no idea who any of the artists were or the genre of music being played.  While waiting in line I spoke with a few of the fans. They went on to explain that tonight’s show is mainly indie pop. Listening to everyone talk about Chloe and seeing the way they lit up with excitement brought it out in me! 


As everyone huddled into Kilby Court, Shortly started the night with one of her newest songs. The entire audience had surprised the artist by remaining completely quiet and giving her all of our attention. She mentioned that she had never encountered a crowd with such manners before. It was heartwarming to see and hear. It wasn’t Shortly’s first time playing in Kilby Court.  She had previously been to Utah back in 2017.  Shortly remembered that she hoped to come back one day. 

Shortly played the first half of her set solo with just her guitar. It was an interesting sight to see. She did amazing throughout it all. Shortly mentioned that it was a little strange to play up there alone because she usually has a band accompanying her. In the last half, she welcomed a friend, Katelynn to join her on stage on the bass. It was an interesting pair to see together. The two had a quirky banter together and constantly talked about how much they thought one another was an amazing musician. It was nice to hear that they had a wonderful second experience here in Utah. 

Addison Grace

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt

The second opener was much to my surprise, Utah local Addison Grace. She walked onto the stage and everyone was cheering her on. When she started her first song, the entire crowd was singing along to her songs which had absolutely blown her mind. She had never seen so many people know her songs and wasn’t expecting to hear anyone sing along with her. During the entire set, she had a constant grin on her face. I could tell that every second of her sitting up there was going to be memorable for her, and it made capturing it all in the moment all the more special! 

As someone who has never heard Addison’s songs before, it was nice to hear her explain the meaning behind each song before she started playing. She had a variety of songs ranging from working on a little bit of self-love, being an outsider at parties, and all the pent-up petty feelings toward exes. There was a song for everyone to relate to. When she was changing instruments from her ukulele to guitar, she stated that it was like the awkward jeopardy intermission which the crowd immediately started chiming in and singing the tune while we all patiently waited. The loudest I had heard the crowd was when she sang one of her top few singles, Manic Dream Pixie Girl. 

Chloe Moriondo

We closed off the night with Chloe Moriondo. As she walked onto the stage with her band Chloe had the biggest smile on her face. It was the type of smile that others quickly fed off of. Every single song was being sung along to and everyone was dancing. There was so much about it all that really caught my attention. The stage set up where Chloe had these lovely large stuffed bunnies tucked in every corner.  All of her equipment was covered with stickers which reminded me of a 90s teenage aesthetic. Which is something I still live for. Shortly was actually part of Chloe Moriondo’s band! Everyone’s concert outfits that ranged from pastel colors to grunge. She connected with the fans. 

While capturing and witnessing it all I noticed it didn’t feel much like a concert, it all felt like one big hang out. She took every second she could to interact with the crowd. She complimented certain guests’ makeup, their outfits, and she checked in to make sure everyone was doing okay. It was getting cold out with the rain rolling in.  Chloe expressed her gratitude that we all had shown up for her on this tour. 

As her set continued on I was faced with another realization that I wasn’t completely clueless to Chloe Moriondo like I had originally thought. When she played her most streamed single, “Silly Girl” I realized that I had heard her on Tik Tok before. There were a couple of additional songs that had also gone viral on TikTok that I was able to recognize and hum along to. 

Overall, I thought it was a really wonderful night and another reminder of why live music is so amazing. Everyone performer had some of the purest and sweetest personalities I’ve ever encountered. I wish them nothing but the best in their careers. Besides just me, it was the best night for the rest of the crowd. I’m sure for many of them it was their first concert back after a year.  Maybe it was their first concert ever. If you’re into the indie bedroom pop music genre I recommend Chloe Moriondo and these other artists.

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