The Pour

The Pour• March 11, 2023• The State Room

Reviewed and Photographed by Alisha Gregson

Local jam band The Pour are regulars at The State Room. Utah Concert Review loves supporting local bands, and they have been on our radar for a while. We were excited to finally have the chance to catch their show. The State Room is one of my favorite intimate venues in Salt Lake. I always enjoy my time spent there. 

Photo Credit: Alisha Gregson

I arrived just a few minutes before The Pour was scheduled to begin. It was surprising to find a nearly empty venue. I felt bad for the band as they took the stage only to be greeted by a handful of fans. They didn’t seem phased by it and started playing. It seemed like they possessed some pied piper abilities, and by the end of their first couple of songs, they had lured in a crowd large enough to cover the floor. Concertgoers continued to trickle in, quickly filling The State Room. While fans of The Pour may have lacked the ability to arrive on time, they more than made up for it with the incredible energy they brought along with them. The empty venue I arrived at was now full of people dancing, singing, and cheering on the band. 

Guitarist Jeremy Whitesides and lead singer/bassist Matt Calder lead The Pour through many incredible solos and improvisations. Accompanied by Jesse Howerton on keys, and Nate Barkdull on drums, the band kept the audience engaged throughout the night. Their unique and exciting sound was a blend of funk, soul, and psychedelic rock. With 10 years of experience in songwriting, they came with a variety of original songs to play for the crowd. In addition to their fun originals, the band performed some covers, while adding their own twist. I loved their version of “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. 

I am a fan of jam bands, especially when the artists are as talented as these four.    They each proved to be masters of their instruments as they took turns under the spotlight for their solos. I loved the way they fed off the energy of the crowd, and each other, especially during their improved instrumentals. While it can be easy to lose a crowd with long instrumentals, The Pour kept their sound tight and polished for the entire show. 

Photo Credit: Alisha Gregson

About halfway through the night, they invited a friend, Dave, from the audience to join them on stage. Dave picked up a bass and had no problem keeping up as they continued to play. After a few more songs, the band said they would be taking a break and would be back out for a second set. After doing an amazing job entertaining the crowd for their first set, I would say they deserved a break. During the intermission, many people in the audience made their way to the bar in the back to grab a drink, while excitedly chatting about how much they were enjoying the concert. 

The Pour returned to the stage and started their second set out strong with their original song “She’s Slippery” followed by a cover of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” by the Beatles. I thought the cover was well done, and I loved hearing the crowd sing along. Dave once again joined the band, and continued to alternate between being a fan, and acting as The Pour’s 5th member for the rest of the night.

Photo Credit: Alisha Gregson

I was impressed with the amount of energy they all still had as they played their second set. They didn’t slow down at all, and neither did their fans. Their second half, which focused even more on instrumentals, was just as exciting as the first half. It was a great night for live music and loved every minute of The Pour’s performance. I left The State Room knowing I will be back to see them again. 

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