Conan Gray

Conan Gray w/ Baby Queen• October 17, 2022• The Union

Reviewed and Photographed by Tomo Crestani

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

The Union had a completely sold out show on Monday, October 17th when they hosted Conan Gray. Conan has been making his mark on the music industry for quite some time but has recently been picking up even more attention with the release of a new album. His tour and new album share the title Superache. He brought along Baby Queen to support him on this tour. Baby Queen is a newer artist from England that I hadn’t heard of before the show. She was a perfect fit to open for Conan.

There was one of the longest lines I have seen at the venue before the show. It also filled up to the very back of the room, which was something I hadn’t seen before. It was impressive to see the following Conan has developed here in Salt Lake City. 

The Union

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

The Union was a perfect fit for Conan Gray. He was able to bring enough people out to fill the venue and create an amazing environment for a concert. The venue handled the large crowd flawlessly. They were quick and effective with letting everyone through security and into the concert. I was also very impressed with how calm all the workers were that night. They made sure to be kind and helpful to everyone in attendance. There was a slight breeze coming through the open doors at the front of the venue, which helped a ton with the temperature throughout the night. The stage at The Union is one of my favorites because it is so low and close to the crowd. It helps the artists engage with the fans a lot more. It is clearly a huge plus for every show I see there. 

Baby Queen

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

First on stage was Baby Queen. She entered the stage with sunglasses and a denim jacket with patches all over it. She started her set off with a lot of energy and fast-paced music. Baby Queen was an incredible performer and was really good at interacting with the crowd. There were multiple times when she reached her arms out to the crowd. She also seemed to be performing close to the edge of the stage as often as she possibly could. I was impressed with her crowd engagement and showmanship.

Her music was also very entertaining and perfect for a live performance. There was a lot of support for one of her songs which was a shoutout to the people who feel like they aren’t accepted for who they want to be. It was really cool to see so many people agreeing with the struggle of being judged constantly. She also mentioned her battles with mental health and gave her support to those in the venue who suffer from such issues. I loved that she switched her glasses based on the songs she was playing as well. She would put on different shapes of glasses to match the vibes of the songs she was singing. It was a unique way to bring the crowd closer to the music as they listened.

Conan Gray

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

As the crowd became more anxious and the anticipation grew, the lights finally went down to make way for Conan Gray. Conan entered the stage in dramatic fashion, with flashing lights that matched the music perfectly. He played many songs that have become classics to his fans. He was able to bring a lot of emotion and passion into some of the slower songs to make sure they were entertaining to listen to live. I was very impressed with how well he was communicating with the crowd. He seemed to be having conversations with the venue as a whole. It was a really cool way for the artist to make sure the crowd felt a connection to him, instead of just watching him perform. I haven’t seen an artist be so effective with that kind of engagement.

Conan had one of the loudest crowds I have heard at any concert this year. His fans are definitely one of the more dedicated bunch. He also has a very diverse fanbase. It was impressive to see so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds all coming together because they relate to the same music. Although I enjoy concerts that bring crowds with similar interests, it was fun to see people connecting who you maybe wouldn’t pick to connect with. Conan’s music has a really cool effect on his listeners. 

My personal favorite song he performed that night was “Heather”. His vocals really shined during this performance. He hit every note almost exactly the same as the recorded product. It has always been a song I have wanted to hear live. I was really happy to be able to mark that one off the list. I don’t remember which song it was, but he also accidentally threw the microphone off the stage at one point. His face was one of the funniest parts of the night as the microphone flew out of his hand. Everyone in the crowd laughed and made sure he knew it was a comedic accident and didn’t subtract from the quality of the show. 

Overall I would highly recommend listening to both Conan Gray and Baby Queen. Conan has a lot of songs that you can find something to relate to. Baby Queen also seems to be pretty relatable. I would also encourage you to visit The Union for a concert if you have the chance. It is one of my favorite venues in the Salt Lake Area. Conan and Baby Queen continue their tour through this fall, as they sweep the country with their increasingly popular music. Conan’s album seems to be gaining a lot of traction as the tour continues. 

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