Still Woozy

Still Woozy w/ Wallice & Legwurk •February 25, 2022 •The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Vanessa Holt

Still Woozy stopped in Salt Lake City on his “If This Isn’t Nice” tour, and it was going to be a crazy night. It was sold out on the Rockwell side of The Complex. Every time I’ve attended a show on the bigger side of the venue it’s always been a crazy show. I went in having absolutely no idea who Still Woozy was or the type of music he played. But talking with fans throughout the venue they had reassured me that I was in for a good time and he was going to leave quite an impression. He had artists, Legwurk and Wallice kicking off the night and getting the crowd warmed up. 


Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt

When Legwurk, also known as Tani, stepped out on stage they had stated that it was their side project. At the time I had no idea what their main project was, only to find out later that night that she had played keys and bass for Still Woozy! Legwurk’s sound fits in well with the indie sound. In most indie shows I’ve gone to I’ve never witnessed an artist dance around on stage as much as she did. A variety of her songs were easy to relate to with the crowd. There were songs that were special for the queer community and songs for people that can resonate with having anxiety.

I applaud her for strutting around on stage with their overalls because it felt like a particularly freezing night. She thought all of Utah was looking good and stylish, “You guys look so nice! You might even look nicer than people in New York.” She stated. Which was obviously a major compliment. 


The second opener, Wallice stepped out and just radiated this humble energy. Her music fits that vibe. The music was like a bedroom indie pop. “Utah is a very special place to me, I recorded most of my music at my grandparent’s house down in Cedar City,” she stated. I would’ve never expected that. Someone from the crowd shouted that they loved her white and pink crocheted sweater. She told us that she had finished it just a few days prior with all the time that she has on the road. It really brought it all together.

She decided to make her set a little fun and played a slowed version of Nirvana’s song, “Heart-shaped Box”. Then to top it all off she played a song that was unreleased called “Dramamine”. She expressed that she thought it was pronounced “Dra-muh-mine” and soon learned it’s supposed to be “dra-mah-mine”.  Wallice reminded me of artists like Lexi Jayde and a softer and less punk sound of LOLO. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt

Still Woozy

When Still Woozy ran out on stage it shocked me to see how quick and immediate the crowd was to react. Everyone in the room was cheering him on and jumping with him. Still Woozy, also known as Sven Gamsky, quickly acknowledged the crowd, “Good morning Utah! (Even though it was night) Y’all really did show up. Thank you so much! It’s not even my birthday.” The artist took a moment on stage with a smile on his face. He truly took the moment to embrace it all. His music was indie with a small touch of hip hop and I wasn’t expecting it in the slightest.

He was all over the stage and it was tricky to keep up with him. He was dancing all around the stage and he brought it out in everyone in Salt Lake City. There wasn’t much said in between songs and it was straight to the point but it didn’t phase anyone in the slightest. The fans that I spoke to earlier in the night were right, I was definitely impressed by it all. The stage design was fun and quirky in its own way. The lighting setup made it all the better. His vocals were clearly heard and he and his band had a good energy going.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt

I was worried at the start of the night if I would be able to capture how great this night was going to be. Photographers were only allowed to shoot from around the venue and not the usual spot in the pit. I realized, however, that this particular show the best shots were captured from around the venue because the whole night can be summed up by his interaction with the crowd.

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