Kiesza July 10, 2021 USANA Amphitheater

Can you believe it’s been nearly a whole year and a half since USANA Amphitheater had its
doors opened and seats full? After 16 months of no shows, no concerts, no roaring crowds of thousands of people together…we are finally back!

Photo Credit: Evelyn Salazar

And nobody does a comeback better than electro-pop artist, Kiesza. I do have to say, what an honor it was for USANA’s first performing act to be Kiesza along with her all-female band which includes legendary Patty Schemel on the drums and Rayna Zemel on the guitar. They were the support act for the legendary violinist, Lindsey Stirling! Seriously, what a welcome back show that is!

Kiesza and her band took the stage as if they owned it, well because, they did. The fiery and electric energy that Kiesza portrayed was honestly so refreshing to see. It was amazing to see her on stage singing her heart out and with so much passion. I took a look at the crowd and saw people smiling and grooving in their seats, feeling the vibration of the music and taking in the atmosphere; concerts were really back.

I could just tell she and the rest of her band were having so much fun on stage! Many of you may not know Kiesza’s story. It’s quite the redemption story. Kiesza was at the top of her game and was a breakthrough artist of the year in 2014 for her hit “Hideaway”. She topped the U.S. dancing charts and collages with several other artists. However, in 2017 she had a traumatic taxi accident that caused brain injuries and more. She had a long recovery, but after seeing her on the USANA stage, everyone and anyone could tell that she’s back and better than ever. Her full-length album Crave was released in 2020 and now it’s her time to share it live with the world.

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