Cavetown and Mother Mother

Cavetown • Mother Mother • June 18, 2024 • Granary Live

Reviewed and Photographed by Mike Ferguson

The atmosphere at Granary Live in Salt Lake City was buzzing with excitement on the evening of Tuesday, June 18th as music enthusiasts gathered for a double feature showcasing performances by Mother Mother and Cavetown. The venue, known for its vibe, provided the ideal setting for an event that promised a mix of high-energy alternative rock and soulful indie folk tunes.

With this being my first time visiting Granary Live, I quickly learned that the venue offers a fantastic outdoor concert experience that music lovers rave about. Located in a lively part of downtown Salt Lake City, this venue combines a cozy, intimate vibe with the excitement of live performances under the open sky.

The atmosphere there is just right for enjoying music with friends or family. You can feel the energy as soon as you step in, with a layout that ensures everyone gets a great view of the stage and clear, crisp sound no matter where you’re standing. The staff there are super friendly and really know how to make you feel welcome. Whether you’re a regular or it’s your first time, they’re always ready to help and make sure you have an awesome time.

Mother Mother

My evening there kicked off with Mother Mother, an alternative rock group renowned for their musical style and engaging stage presence. Lead singer Ryan Guldemond immediately captivated the audience’s attention as the band kicked off their performance with “Nobody Escapes” an anthem that set the mood for the night. Backed by a group of incredibly talented musicians, Mother Mother delivered a performance filled with enthusiasm and smooth transitions between popular hits like “Verbatim” and lesser known tracks from their repertoire.

Ryan’s powerful vocals resonated throughout the venue striking a chord with fans who enthusiastically sang along to every lyric. The bands onstage chemistry was evident, with each member contributing to the sound that enveloped the space. Songs like “Ghosting” and “Wrecking Ball” received a reception blending the energy of alt rock with the catchy melodies of indie pop.

A standout moment came during their performance of “Hayloft,” a fan favorite that ignited a sing along. The crowd’s voices harmonized beautifully in the venue creating a shared experience of passion. Mother Mother closed their electrifying set with “Burning Pile” exiting to applause and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.


After Mother Mother’s high-energy set, Cavetown took the stage for a part of the evening. Led by Robin Skinner Cavetowns performance shifted to a quieter atmosphere. Starting with the song “let them know they’re on your mind” Skinner’s soothing vocals and emotional lyrics immediately captured the audience’s attention, setting a mood that contrasted nicely with the earlier excitement.

Throughout their 90-minute set, Cavetown delved into their music catalog alternating between ballads like “Green” and lively tracks such as “1994” Each song was delivered sincerely showcasing Skinner’s ability to connect personally with his audience. The song “Boys Will Be Bugs” struck a chord with many resonating deeply as listeners softly sang along, moved by the emotion in the lyrics.

Skinner’s presence on stage was modest yet captivating, his interactions with the audience coming across as genuine and heartfelt. The band’s unity added richness to their performance, intensifying the depth of each track. The night reached its peak with a moving performance of “888” and “Devil Town” leaving the audience contemplative after an evening filled with sentiment.

Together Mother Mother and Cavetown curated a night that embraced the sounds of music. From Mother Mothers alt rock hits to Cavetowns indie folk tunes each act brought a unique vibe to the stage blending seamlessly into a vibrant concert experience.

The crowd, made up of people from different backgrounds and age groups, responded enthusiastically to both bands showing how universally appealing their music is. The shifts between sets were marked by cheers and applause highlighting the audience’s admiration for the flow of performances. Conversations between songs revealed fans’ personal connections to the music emphasizing its significance beyond entertainment.

After leaving Granary Live, fans felt an appreciation for the impact and lasting memories that live music can bring. The performances by Mother Mother and Cavetown went beyond entertainment; they created an experience that deeply resonated with everyone present.

Looking back, the night at Granary Live showcased how live music has the ability to transcend genres and unite people through shared moments. Both Mother Mother and Cavetown showcased their styles leaving a lasting mark on the audience. As the lights dimmed and the final notes drifted away attendees left with a sense of satisfaction knowing they had been part of something a memorable celebration of music and community.

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