Nothing, Nowhere

Nothing, Nowhere w/ POORSTACY, carolsdaughter, guccihighwaters & Snarls• May 16, 2022• The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Vanessa Holt

Nothing, Nowhere’s spring tour is completely stacked with a crazy lineup of amazingly talented artists. We were definitely in for a long night at The Complex. But it was going to be well worth it.


Snarls were up first. They’re an indie rock band from Colombus, Ohio. I thought they were a nice touch to start the night. It wasn’t too crazy for everyone to jump all around and use most of their energy but got the crowd warmed up just the right amount. It was a special night for the band with it being their drummer, Max’s twenty-first birthday. They took a moment in between songs to have the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to him. The crowd was very vocal during their set. They clearly wanted to express their support. Someone shouted, “you rock!” Which got a laugh out of everyone in the band. Vocalist, Chlo White responded, “Thank you guys for being so vocal about it. We really appreciate it. And love the support that we’re getting in our first time in… I don’t know where I am right now, oh wait never mind! First time in Salt Lake City!!” 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt


Second, in line were guccihighwaters. It’s been years since I’ve seen him perform! I saw him when he was just getting his foot in the door in the music industry. He had played at In The Venue (which no longer exists). Now seeing him open up for Nothing, Nowhere at The Complex kind of felt like a full-circle moment. On top of that to see that there was a bigger fan base this time around was crazy. Everyone cheered for guccihighwaters and sang along to every song. “Are you all ready to dance?” He asked, and everyone joined him with the energetic energy during his fourth song, “The Chase”. The big fan favorite of the night was, “Highschool”. Everyone cheered when the song kicked in and that was the loudest that I had ever heard the crowd get during the set. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt


carolesdaughter came up next with her full band in tow. She greeted the crowd, “Hello everyone! It’s so nice to meet you. I’m carolesdaughter”. She was big on explaining what each song was about before starting them. For example, “please put me in a medically induced coma”. “I wrote this when I was sixteen years old and unfortunately in rehab.” That song was a fan favorite. Everyone was cheering. Her third song was, “Trailer Trash”. She brought out an acoustic guitar. Fans shouted that they liked her guitar and she smiled and responded, “Thank you! It’s a Taylor which is also my last name.” In between songs she wanted to try a little experiment with the crowd, “Everyone quiet down, one the count of three, I want everyone to crack their knuckles.” Everyone had complied and the sound of it was satisfying but also sent chills down one’s spine. 

Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt


The last opener for the night was POORSTACY. The crowd was going absolutely wild for the artist. The energy they brought out of the crowd was wild. POORSTACY definitely was a change in pace from the rest of the openers. They were a lot heavier. In the first song, they called for a circle pit. During the entire set, the crowd was absolutely nuts. They sang along to every song and cheered on POORSTACY in between songs. 

Nothing, Nowhere

We closed off the night with Nothing, Nowhere. Just when I thought that the crowd had tired themselves out keeping up with POORTSTACY, they went even crazier for Nothing, Nowhere. The drummer stepped out first on stage and had their moment for a drum solo. Everyone else followed quickly behind and as soon as the bass kicked in. The ground was shaking! All the fans lined up on the barricade had it rattling and were headbanging like crazy. I’ve only seen something like that happen at raves so this was an absolute first. A variety of songs were played off of his discography. Songs such as, “Clarity in Kerosene” off of his first album, Reaper, and his newest single, “MEMORY_FRACTURE”.

It was probably one of the craziest sold-out shows I had ever been to and he made sure it was well worth it for all fans.

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