Branson Anderson

Branson Anderson Keep It Moving EP Release February 10, 2023

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

Branson Anderson is a singer songwriter from right here in Utah. We’ve had the privilege of interviewing and covering another EP release a few years ago. Anderson has also appeared on several stages of other bands we’ve covered. It’s been fun having the opportunity of seeing him perform multiple times over the years. I consider myself a Branson Anderson fan. So it was exciting to get the notice that Branson would be releasing a new EP and that we would get to attend this EP release party. The 2023 release titled, Keep It Moving has six songs that will thrill any Branson Anderson fan. It’s likely to draw him a new fan base as well.

Along with the release of the EP Keep It Moving, Anderson has released a new video of the EP’s first single, “People Pleaser”. You can watch the video here!


When I showed up at Branson Anderson’s EP release I found an intimate and friendly setting. A variety of floor lamps set the ambiance for the room. Many people stood and lined the walls of the house while others sat and filled out the floor. It seemed to me that most people either knew each other or were quite friendly with one another due to their connection as Branson Anderson Fans. I noticed a few other local artists in the crowd. It was nice to see Branson getting support from fellow singer songwriters.

I made my way to the back to the kitchen so I didn’t get in anyone’s way while taking some photos. Along the way a variety of people offered me a drink, made sure they weren’t in my way and expressed excitement that I was there to cover the show. There was a great energy in the house and the vibe was so friendly. I think Branson set that tone by thanking people for coming as they entered the house.

As always, Branson was very entertaining during his set. Not only with his great songs, but with his stories and his quirky banter with the crowd. It was great to hear some of the new songs live. I could tell people were excited about that. There were some requests thrown out and Anderson complied.

Branson told the he was a Folk Singer but had very un-folksinger like qualities. He shared that he played “Call of Duty” and auditioned for American Idol. He told us that Lionel Ritchie liked him. That Ritchie said he closed his eyes and “heard something only Willie (Nelson) could do.” That’s high praise in my book. The rest of the crowd agreed when they applauded their approval to the comment.

The show was great. The people there were so welcoming. Anderson sounded as good as he ever has. I hope to see him perform again soon. This EP shows that Branson Anderson is a songwriter worth listening to. His songs are so interesting. There is so much to discover in this EP. I don’t think there’s another artist quite like him.

You can listen to Keep It Moving wherever you stream music. To learn more about Branson Anderson go to

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  1. I’m a long-distance fan myself. Branson is a right HOOT in my book. Ima hafta check out that EP, too. It could be a whole Saturday’s Playlist, probably!

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