K. Flay

K. Flay w/ Kid Sistr & Corook • March 5, 2022 • The Complex

Reviewed by Carter Sears • Photographed by Jacob Moniz

With the snow pouring outside, it was immediately apparent that this was not going to be a normal concert. The security rushed us inside where everyone was waiting in line in The Grand Room of The Complex. Confusion and excitement filled the room with the sound of the end of a soundcheck coming from inside that night’s venue, as the band threw together what we would later learn to be a miracle set. 

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Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree w/ 347 Aidan & Sueco •March 1, 2022 •The Complex

Reviewed by Jacob Moniz & Carter Sears. Photographed by Jacob Moniz

Cowboy Tears Tour

The line wrapped around the building of The Complex for Oliver Tree’s “Cowboy Tears” tour this past Tuesday. After seeing him play the smaller venue in The Complex in 2019, there was a strange sense of pride in watching him sell out the Rockwell this year. Words can’t explain how excited I was to see him perform with a bigger budget and fanbase.

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Still Woozy

Still Woozy w/ Wallice & Legwurk •February 25, 2022 •The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Vanessa Holt

Still Woozy stopped in Salt Lake City on his “If This Isn’t Nice” tour, and it was going to be a crazy night. It was sold out on the Rockwell side of The Complex. Every time I’ve attended a show on the bigger side of the venue it’s always been a crazy show. I went in having absolutely no idea who Still Woozy was or the type of music he played. But talking with fans throughout the venue they had reassured me that I was in for a good time and he was going to leave quite an impression. He had artists, Legwurk and Wallice kicking off the night and getting the crowd warmed up. 

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Shinedown with Ayron Jones February 2, 2022 The Complex

Reviewed by Vanessa Holt Photos by Kevin Rolfe

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

It was an interesting night for Salt Lake City on Wednesday, February 2 with the Shinedown in town. Seeing as it was a sold-out show, fans were determined to not miss a single minute of it. The line for the venue wrapped around the corner. It stretched all the way to the back end of The Complex. Everyone was buzzing with excitement for the show. After recently seeing several bands show up with multiple openers some thought it might end up being a short night with only one opener for Shinedown. It was going to be far from a short night. Ayron Jones played a usual set of 30-minutes. But Shinedown had a stacked setlist that ended up being 2 hours long!

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Summer Salt

Summer Salt w/ Breakup Shoes & Covey. November 11, 2021 The Complex

Reviewed by Maralee Nielson

Photo Credit: Maralee Nielson

November 11, 2021, this time of year it’s pretty chilly usually in the Salt Lake area but no matter how cold it is it doesn’t ever stop fans from coming out early and waiting outside the venue. Tonight Summer Salt stopped by Salt Lake City for the last show of their tour. They were joined by support bands Breakup shoes and Covey. Doors for the show were planned for 7 PM but there were people lined up as early as 4 PM. Maybe even earlier than that.

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Wolf Alice November 1, 2021 The Complex

Wolf Alice w/ The Blossom The Complex

Reviewed by Vanessa Holt

A great kick-off to the month, Wolf Alice stopped in Salt Lake on the tour of their newest album, Blue Weekend. Before being offered the chance to photograph them a coworker had brought up the band to me in a discussion. I had never heard of Wolf Alice before but during this discussion, there was nothing but good things spoken about the band. After hearing all that I was excited to hear them live. A couple of hours before doors opened, I was streaming their top few songs to get an idea of the type of sound and vibe that was going to be heard from the night. I was immediately intrigued by the alternative rock sound of it all. I was curious how they were going to be live.

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Flogging Molly & Violent Femmes October 19, 2021 The Complex

Photo Credit: Logan Sorenson

Have you ever seen a concert lineup announced and thought, “I would have never thought of these guys together.  But it actually makes sense.” This is how I felt when I saw that Flogging Molly and Violent Femmes would be co-headlining a tour together.  Now throw in Me First & the Gimme Gimmies and Thick and it was a lineup and a concert never to be forgotten!  

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