Plain White T’s w/ Brother.

Plain White T’s w/ Brother. January 29, 2022 • Cox Performing Arts Center St. George, Utah

Reviewed and Photographed by Lexi Wild


Photo Credit: Lexi Wild

I first heard about Plain White T’s coming to St. George back in December and I was so stoked! Northern Utah has plenty of concerts. I’d say year-round. Southern Utah doesn’t get a lot of love in that department. To say that the people of St. George were just as excited as I was is an understatement. As I pulled into the parking lot at the Cox Performing Arts Center at Dixie State University fifteen minutes before the concert started, I realized how packed it was going to be due to the lack of parking. As I picked up my tickets and headed in to snap photos, I barely managed to get past the crowded merch table lines. Walking by I heard so much excitement and buzzing. People anxiously waiting to get their merch in time to see the opening band. 

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Superbloom Music Festival October 9, 2021 Sand Hollow Resort

Superbloom Music Festival, Hurricane Utah

Reviewed By Lexi Wild


The Superbloom Music Festival finally debuted at Sand Hallow’s Rock Bowl this past weekend! The National Parks’ dream was to “curate a festival experience and create a special event to celebrate the release of our new album Wildflower”. But due to the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic in 2020, the festival was canceled. Since then, restrictions have lessened and Superbloom was ready to party at the absolutely beautiful OC Tanner Amphitheater right outside of Zion National Park. Utah’s flash foods, unfortunately, had different plans and a major flash flood hit the OC Tanner Amphitheater and sustained major damages. Thankfully Superbloom was determined to have their dreams come true and they were able to find the music fest a beautiful new home at the Rock Bowl at Sand Hollow Resort in Hurricane, Utah! 

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