SLC Twilight: Cuco

Cuco• SLC Twilight• August 16, 2022• Gallivan Center

Reviewed and Photographed by Tomo Crestani

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

The third week of the Salt Lake City Twilight Concert Series brought out a massive crowd. Although I was only able to attend the headline set, I was still very impressed with the turnout. The Gallivan center was the venue of choice for Mexican American artist and record producer, Cuco. With a large social media following, the crowd was no surprise to his loyal fanbase. However, having not heard of Cuco, I was incredibly surprised by his popularity. 

The Gallivan center was a perfect venue for this event. The stage is so low to the ground that the artists can interact with the fans easily. Fans are within feet of the artist throughout the entire show. Although a tricky situation for the photographers, it does help the experience for the audience. Security did their job, however, it seemed like some were possibly there to enjoy the event with the audience. It made it a little difficult to get to the photo pit.

Once I got to the photo pit the security was much more aware and helpful. It was mostly the management away from the stage that was very frustrating and not helpful. I did try to speak with one of the managers of the event and he was not very kind to both me and one other photographer trying to find their way to the front of the stage. Luckily once the event was running, the stateside security was helpful and kind. 

Right as the sun went down over the last building Cuco took the stage. He brought a lot of energy from the start. The entire band was in matching jumpsuits with their nicknames on them. They all smiled and laughed throughout the entire set. There was a very positive energy coming from the performance. I really appreciated the way he continued to reach out to the crowd and touch their hands and smile. The people in the front had waited through multiple sets in the heat of the day in order to watch his performance, and he rewarded them with an incredible show. 

One thing I loved about Cuco’s set was that his songs never stopped. He didn’t stop in between songs and take a break. He merged all of his songs into each other in order to make it a more seamless concert. There are times when it is too obvious and becomes distracting, however, Cuco perfectly executed this tactic in a very cool way. It was almost impossible to tell where one song ended and the next began until you heard a new chorus. Having never heard his music it was a super fun way to experience it for the first time. 

As his set came to a close the crowd erupted. Cuco seemed to almost become emotional with the ovation he was receiving. Cuco comes across as a very humble and kind person. It was interesting to watch the way he reacted to crowd engagement throughout the show. He left the stage blowing kisses to the audience and music playing him off. 

Overall I would highly recommend visiting the Salt Lake Twilight Concert Series and especially trying to find an opportunity to see Cuco live. The series continues on September 2nd with Shakey Graves. They will be accompanied by Sierra Ferrell and Michelle Moonshine. It will then close out on September 30th with the Band of Horses. They will bring along Dad Bod and Daytime Lover. I look to attend more than just the headline of one of the next two concerts. I highly recommend checking out this event as it is a very affordable option for a fun night out. The Gallivan center is a very fun venue to enjoy in the late summer Utah weather. Hopefully, Cuco also finds himself back in Utah soon. 

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