Ogden Twilight: Lauv

Ogden Twilight featuring Lauv w/ Hayley Kiyoko and David Kushner• September 7, 2022• Ogden Amphitheater

Reviewed and Photographed by Tomo Crestani

Continuing the Ogden Twilight Concert Series, Lauv visited the Ogden Amphitheater. Bringing along two opening artists, there was plenty of music to be heard. Although Lauv had his own following here in Utah, both other artists seemed to have their own fan bases as well. David Kushner and Hayley Kiyoko both gave very strong performances and set the stage for the headline act. 

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

Upon arriving at the venue I was confused on why the line was still so long, as the doors were supposed to have opened at 6. I arrived at 6:45, and the doors had still not opened. I was told by the staff that there were a few tour buses that were still being unloaded. Although it was an inconvenience for all those fans waiting in line, the venue handled the situation very professionally and ultimately gave everyone a good experience. 

This was my first show at the Ogden Amphitheater, and I could not be more impressed with the quality of show they were able to provide. I went into this show almost expecting the sound quality and experience to be a little less professional than other venues. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the show was put together. The venue and the artist’s staff seemed to work together very well. 

David Kushner

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

First on stage was David Kushner. Although I hadn’t heard of David before the concert, I realized I had heard multiple songs of his on TikTok. Upon further research, I found that he actually has a few super viral songs that I hear almost daily on all social media platforms. It was interesting to see who was behind these songs I had heard so much. 

David had a very clean and amazing voice. Some artists play vocals in their tracks and just sing over it, but David was for sure singing with no help from the track. I was very impressed with his live vocals. He also was very talented on the guitar. I noticed that he rarely had to even pay attention to the guitar as he played. He seemed very comfortable and relaxed on stage. It is always easier to listen to an artist when you know they are confident in their talent and abilities to perform. At the end of his set, David thanked the crowd and told us this was his last show on the tour. He received a huge applause as he left the stage.

Hayley Kioko

Next on stage was Hayley Kiyoko. Hayley is someone who I actually recognized from a Disney movie when I was younger. I was excited to see her live as it almost gave me a nostalgic feeling from one of my favorite Disney movies. David Kushner was an incredible performer, but not as high energy as Hayley would prove to be. Her music was more suited for a live performance as she rocked out for all 35 minutes of her set. 

About 2 or 3 songs before she ended Hayley did a tribute to the LGBTQ community in attendance. The crowd seemed to react very passionately to her tribute. After stating that she was a lesbian woman, there were a few people in the crowd that waved rainbow flags in the air throughout her whole set. She sang a couple more songs and ended her set with a bang. Everyone jumped and danced to her entire last song as she set the stage for Lauv. 


Finally Lauv took the stage. His opening visual was possibly the coolest intro I have seen. He had a blue light grow on the back of the stage into the screen revealing his silhouette. It was an incredible entrance that had the venue going crazy. His voice was immediately impressive. He clearly has a very good voice. All three artists seemed to lean on their vocal abilities to impress the crowd. There were a few songs where he let go and just danced with the crowd, which actually became a fun interaction with the fans. 

There was one moment where he actually jumped from the stage onto the barrier and held the hands of a few lucky fans. He also held up a sign from the front row that said “Cool moms listen to Lauv”. It was funny to see him react to the poster. He interacted with the crowd during every song, making sure everyone was having a good time. He seemed like a very genuine and kind person on stage. 

Overall I would highly recommend checking out the Ogden Twilight Series as it continues with Diplo, Flume, and more. I also would recommend listening to all three of the artists above. David Kushner has a very strong and soulful voice with love songs that almost anyone can relate to. Hayley Kiyoko is a fun and high-energy artist with more music to come. But obviously, I highly suggest that you find Lauv in concert or give him a listen at home. He has a lot of talent and a unique style that I think will appeal to many.

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