Ogden Twilight: Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex•Ogden Twilight•August 23, 2023•Ogden Amphitheater

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

Cigarettes After Sex is a band that has captivated audiences with their dreamy and ethereal sound. The band recently performed at the Ogden Twilight Concert series, and it was a night to remember. The band’s music is characterized as “Dream Pop”, providing soft, soothing vocals, and a slow, steady tempo. I admit that I wasn’t very familiar with Cigarettes After Sex.  But I knew this show sold out really fast and people were clamoring to find anyone willing to sell their ticket.  Ogden Amphitheater was packed when I walked in.

On my drive up to Ogden from points south, I was caught in a storm.  Heavy winds, lightning, and rain seemed to be following me to Ogden.  I was concerned that this storm might delay or even suspend the concert.  Before Cigarettes After Sex was to take the stage a presentation of a silent film was supposed to take place.  As I arrived, I was told that the film was scrapped in order to get the band on stage sooner in hopes of missing the storm.  I’m happy to report that while there was some drizzling here and there everyone stayed dry.  Overall it was a great night for a concert.

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

One thing was for certain.  Cigarettes After Sex brought the romance with them.  Looking out across the audience I saw a countless number of couples cuddling up, kissing, and well let’s just say, really bonding with one another.  The passion was across a wide spectrum.  There was one couple, who broke up only to get back together before the band took the stage, finally finishing out the show with an extreme public make out. I guess that’s one way to do things.  I’d say the most famous couple of the night were in the VIP section.  A man dropped to a knee just minutes before showtime and proposed to his girlfriend.  The crowd erupted when she accepted.  The message was clear.  Love was in the air!

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

Jacob Tomsky and Randall Miller made their way to center stage through a partially opened curtain.  As soon as they were in place on opposite sides of the stage, lead singer and guitarist, Greg Gonzalez took his place at center stage.  The audience was howling and the much-anticipated concert began.  The first thing I noticed was Gonzalez’s voice. He has a distinct voice that perfectly complements the band’s music.

The concert was a magical experience that left the audience feeling mesmerized. The band’s performance was flawless and showcased their talent. The audience was entirely engrossed in the music, and the atmosphere was electric. The band played some of their most popular songs, including “Apocalypse” and “K.” They also introduced a new song called “Bubblegum”.  Each song was met with excitement and I could tell that they meant something special to the various fans and couples.

Overall, Cigarettes After Sex put on an incredible performance at the Ogden Twilight Concert series. The band’s dreamy and atmospheric sound was the perfect accompaniment to what ended up being a beautiful summer night for a concert.

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