Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans • Summer Salt • March 3, 2024 • The Union

Reviewed and Photographed by Morgan Newbold

Photo Credit: Morgan Newbold

Last Wednesday night, indie-rock band Mom Jeans came out to Salt Lake City to play to a nearly sold-out crowd at The Union! Opened by Summer Salt and Hunny, it was a spectacular show filled with so much energy, infectious indie riffs, and heart-wrenching emo songs. I walked into the venue to see so many young people, indie post-punk fans alike, ready to cause a ruckus. The merch was pretty cool. I firmly believe the smaller indie bands always have better merch designs, anyway. 

I walked up to the stage ready to assess the energy and stage production… High levels of ‘It’s about to get crazy’ were coming from the crowd. Mosh ready. The stage was simple, with banners in the background for the names of each band. I was very happy to see my friends shooting this show with me. Makes me feel more comfortable and ready to shoot, knowing I’m not alone in there!

Summer Salt

I was able to catch Summer Salt’s set, and it was a blast! They had so much performative charisma and charm. Really talented guys. This band consists of a duo from Austin, Texas. Vocalist/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer Eugene Chung, formed Summer Salt in 2015, with their debut album ‘Happy Camper’ released in 2018! Their songs were fun and breezy, good old-fashioned indie. Almost beachy surf-rock. I could tell fans of Mom Jeans were also fans of these guys. They played a lot of newer songs and hits from their first two albums!! They seriously brought a lot of fun energy before the hardcore punk vibes came out, and had everyone jumping and swaying their arms in the air. It was cute, I loved it.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans is a 4-piece indie-rock band from California. At the start, in 2014, it was just singer Eric Butler and drummer Austin Carango, and after their first EP, had a few more members came and went. Today it’s Eric, Austin, guitarist Bart Thompson and bassist Sam Kless. They have worked with various independent labels to put out their EP’s and now 4 studio albums! Their debut album ‘Best Buds’ was released in 2016, and their latest ‘Bear Market’ in 2023. They have a very emo indie sound, with influences like A Day to Remember, Joyce Manor, and Gorillaz, according to members of the band.

When Mom Jeans took the stage, I could see and feel their fun energy, even though it was nearing the end of their US tour run, they looked so happy to be there as if it was night one! I got genuine, loving vibes from these guys. They were a treat to shoot! The lighting was pretty simple, but the large red curtain in the back with their name, set a nice visual for the show. I wasn’t too familiar with their music, so it was a lovely experience to be introduced to a band in a live show.

They opened with “What’s Up?”, from their third album Sweet Tooth. The energy was at a 10 for the entire 20 song performance. There was intense moshing and dozens of eager crowdsurfers being carried from one side of the pit to the other! During the encore, the crowd was overwhelmingly excited when they played a new unreleased song, and I really enjoyed watching how much fun everyone in the venue was having in that moment!

Mom Jeans delivered a performance that was equal parts exhilarating and emotionally resonant. Their infectious energy, heartfelt lyrics, and genuine connection with the audience combined to create an unforgettable night. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, seeing Mom Jeans live is an experience not to be missed. I highly recommend checking out their music and catching a show on their next tour! 

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