Slightly Stoopid & Sublime with Rome

Slightly Stoopid•Sublime With Rome• Atmosphere•July 9, 2023 USANA Amphitheatre

Reviewed and Photographed by Justin Lagman

Summer is officially here and there is a good mix of Reggae, Hip Hop, and Rock for tonight at USANA Amphitheater. The sun was scorching this Sunday evening and everyone had to be strategic in getting shade and staying hydrated. The first thing I noticed was that the venue was on top of keeping every single concertgoer hydrated. It was a beautiful sight to see and it showed the power of people together trying to have a great summer night and enjoy some good live music.


The fans started to roll out on the grass and fill up the seats to catch the opening act, Atmosphere. The renowned hip-hop group Atmosphere took the stage and the crowd was buzzing. The beats started pulsating through the speakers, the venue started to fill up in anticipation of a night filled with raw energy, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious rhythms.

Atmosphere, consisting of rapper Slug (Sean Daley) and producer Ant (Anthony Davis), has long been a cornerstone of the Minneapolis hip-hop scene. Their concert showcased exactly why they have maintained their prominence over the years. The duo’s distinctive sound, characterized by Slug’s introspective and often deeply personal lyrics, combined with Ant’s soulful and melodic beats, creates a unique blend of hip-hop that captivates audiences.

Slug emerged on the stage. And the fans of all ages eagerly rapped along to every word, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion. The energy in the room was palpable, as Atmosphere effortlessly navigated between tracks from their extensive discography. One of the standout moments of the evening came when Atmosphere performed their classic hit, “Sunshine.” The crowd erupted in joyous cheers as Slug delivered each line with precision and emotion. The song’s infectious chorus filled the venue, and it was impossible to resist the urge to sing along. The uplifting vibes radiating from the stage were contagious, creating a sense of unity among everyone in attendance.

Photo Credit: Justin Lagman

The concert reached its climax with an encore performance of “GodLovesUgly,” one of Atmosphere’s most beloved and emotionally charged tracks. The crowd erupted in a collective frenzy, chanting every word with fervor. The powerful connection between the performers and their fans was undeniable. As the room pulsated with an intense energy that can only be found at a live hip-hop show. This was the perfect way to start the night. At this point, I knew that the crowd was ready for the upcoming bands performing. 

Sublime with Rome

Sublime, the iconic ska punk band, took their fans on a nostalgic journey during their Summertime 2023 Tour. As they stepped on stage at USANA, it was clear that this would be an unforgettable set. The crowd jumped and cheered when lead singer Rome Ramirez and Eric Wilson were on piano and vocals. The band’s ability to capture the essence of their recorded tracks in a live setting was remarkable. It was evident that they had lost none of their musical prowess over the years.

The band opened with an array of reggae and rock fusion classics. They played classic Sublime songs like “Doin Time” and had the crowd screaming every word along with them. The sun was finally setting and the venue was filling up more, creating a bigger and higher energy. People all around me were dancing with each other and singing together. The vibe that Sublime with Rome created with their music brings so much love and hope to everyone!

Sublime’s Summertime 2023 Tour was not just a trip down memory lane; it was a testament to the band’s enduring influence on generations of fans. The concert was a celebration of their timeless music and a reminder of the power of their songs to evoke emotions and transport listeners to a different time and place.

Toward the end, they performed “Cool and Collected”. Then they brought out the headliners, Slightly Stoopid, to have a jam on stage and it was a huge highlight of the night. Saving the best for last, they finished up with an all-time classic “Santeria”. Which was a huge moment for the whole place and was such a memorable song. 

Slightly Stoopid

The night had finally gotten cooler and fans are doing last-minute drink refills. The anticipation for the main attraction of the night, Slightly Stoopid, was high. With their infectious energy and unparalleled musicianship, the band curated a setlist that showcased their versatility and mastery of multiple genres. kicking things off with “Top of the World,” instantly setting the tone for a night of pure musical bliss. As the crowd swayed to the laid-back rhythms, the band effortlessly transitioned into the reggae-infused anthem “2 AM,” with the crowd singing along to every word.

Throughout the evening, Slightly Stoopid skillfully intertwined their well-known classics with newer tracks, creating a perfect balance that pleased both longtime fans and newcomers alike. The band’s ability to seamlessly fuse various genres was evident as they effortlessly flowed from the reggae vibes of “Bandelero” to the upbeat ska-infused sounds of “Officer.”

One of the standout moments of the night came when Slightly Stoopid performed “No Cocaine,” a reggae cover that pays homage to the legendary reggae artist, Jah Lion. They even brought out Slug from the opening act, Atmosphere. The band’s rendition was a true testament to their respect for the genre, and it had the crowd swaying and singing in unison, creating a sense of unity and positive vibes that filled the air.

As the night progressed, Slightly Stoopid continued to deliver high-energy performances, but what stood out for everyone was the grand finale ending with their hit song “Closer to the Sun.” This night will be memorable for a lot of people and I know that fans are gonna go home jamming to these tunes. This was a truly beautiful night of music and a perfect summer night for music fans.

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