Everclear•The Pink Spiders•September 29, 2023•DeJoria Center

Reviewed and Photographed by Mark Daluz

Photo Credit: Mark Daluz

Everclear, the rock band formed in Portland, Oregon made its way to the DeJoria Center in Kamas to perform for its tour with The Ataris & The Pink Spiders. I know what you’re thinking… Kamas?! Utah’s music scene seems to only be prevalent in the confines of Salt Lake City and the metropolitans nearby. The town you drive by to go to the Uintah’s was the last place I would’ve thought to have a music scene. However, it didn’t disappoint

DeJoria Center

Pulling up to the venue, you are struck in awe at what is the High Star Ranch, where in the center lies the DeJoria Center. Honestly, I thought it seemed out of character to have a rock concert in a place that I feel would be the home of country musicians. 

Photo Credit: Mark Daluz

The DeJoria Center had a comforting lobby paired with a merch area that had some people in the lines an hour before the show started. The DeJoria Center also gets an A + when it comes to hiring the nicest and kindest staff. 

The Pink Spiders

Photo Credit: Mark Daluz

The Nashville, Tennessee band of The Pink Spiders was the band to take the stage first. While taking the stage I remember the band possessing a fine swagger that I found to be quite cool to watch. They started off electrifying but sadly the audience didn’t reciprocate that energy that well. To be fair, it seems like the venue was at 15% capacity and people weren’t in that rock-out mindset yet. I will give credit where credit is due though and shout out the 3 people in the front who were constantly having a good time throughout their entire set. The Pink Spiders did a great job of keeping up the energy, encouraging the audience to stand up from their comfy chairs and eventually, more people were standing up than sitting down near the end. 

The band played for an hour and a half because unfortunately the band that was supposed to go after them. The Ataris. Had come down with COVID-19 and had to sit the show out. The Pink Spiders paid honor to them by playing some of their songs. 

The lead singer, Matt took the chance to play a personal favorite of his without the band named “Peace, Love and Understanding” by Elvis Costello & The Attractions. Near the end, it became apparent that the band was super hyper. From frolicking across the stage to flinging their instruments like it was no one’s business, they were an absolute joy to watch and listen to. 


The seats at DeJoria Center were full of the anticipation that was running high while waiting for Everclear to come out. While waiting, songs played over the speaker and whoever was on AUX was killing it. The crowd singing when absolute bangers of songs came over the speaker was palpable. Songs like Separate Ways by Journey, Fight for your Right by the Beastie Boys, and The Middle by Jimmy Eat World were screamed at the top of everyone’s lungs.

Photo Credit: Mark Daluz

Once the stage techs made the gear transition to Everclear, it didn’t take long for us to see them take the stage. The band that took over the 90’s alternative rock scene finally made their way to the stage. As the lead singer Art Alexakis made his way to the mic, the people sitting in the seats closest to the stage stood up and to made their way to the stage. They opened up with the song “So Much for the Afterglow” and that was enough for everyone to forget that the seats existed as most of the people in the front few rows made their way to the stage creating an impromptu GA section. Within the first minute of the song playing the bass player, Craig gave a pick to one of the members in the audience. 

What I love about Everclear is that even though they are a tried and true old-school rock band, they still made it a priority to send an ode to the parents in the crowd with their children. A lot of the songs midway through were dedicated to family. Their hit song “Wonderful” was an ode to his kids that were at Disney’s Halloween Party, and their new song “Sing Away” from their brand new album “Live at The Whiskey a Go Go” was for the parents out there who had to help their children with the struggles during COVID times. 

The energy that was given across the night was super consistent. When the audience seemed to ease off, the members of the band would immediately start hyping them back up again. Playing music wasn’t the only thing the band was doing, Art and Freddy tried their hand at telling the long face horse dad joke with some avail. Overall, Everclear’s performance reaffirmed their status as a timeless rock band. The times of the radio are long in the past but their enduring appeal still lives on. Their energy on stage was infectious, and their ability to connect with the audience was truly remarkable.

Art Alexakis’s incredible vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation showcased their musical prowess and dedication to their craft after all these years. The crowd’s enthusiasm and participation throughout the show were a testament to Everclear’s enduring impact on the rock music scene. Everclear’s concert was not just a show, it was a celebration of a band that has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music, and their legacy continues to shine brightly.