Dayglow w/ Ritt Momney• October 19, 2022• The Union

Reviewed and Photographed by Tomo Crestani

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

Dayglow is a one man band that needs no introduction here in Salt Lake City. With a strong fan base in the area, he sold out The Union quite easily. He also brought along Utah native, Ritt Momney. Although Dayglow already had a decent following here, it definitely helped to bring along a local artist. 

The Union was an absolutely perfect venue for Dayglow to perform at. I was incredibly impressed with the security and staff at this show. They always handle themselves very professionally. The cool breeze from outside provided a perfect temperature for the entire night. I was so relieved that it wasn’t hot. The sold out shows at some venues can be borderline unsafe with how hot it gets. It also helped that they once again provided lots of water to everyone in attendance. I also loved how bright the lighting was for Dayglow’s set. They had such cool contrast in colors throughout each song. I also loved that they had bright lights on the lead singers face almost the whole time so that you could see him performing. I was very impressed with the quality of sound as well. The Union always provides the best experience possible.

First on stage was Jack Rutter, also known as Ritt Momney. The Utah artist’s name comes from a play on words with the name of Utah politician Mitt Romney. Ritt has gained a lot of popularity here in Utah given that it is his hometown. He had a huge spike in popularity when he covered “Put your records on”. With a few other songs being played on repeat this past summer, Ritt Momney is on his way to make an impact in the music industry. Ritt has a very fun way of performing his music. He performs in a way that makes you feel like he is in the crowd with you. He seems very relatable and humble. Ritt’s personality on stage makes him very engaging with the crowd. He even went as far as to go hang out at the merch table after his set. I haven’t seen many artists be able to put their ego aside and go hang out with the fans. It was really cool to see him interacting with so many of the fans. 

Ritt was an amazing performer, although you could tell his microphone had a heavy autotune feature enabled. I understand that maybe that was the sound and style he was going for, but I still like to hear the vocal talent of an artist rather than listen to the corrected vocals. This was the only thing I would ever criticize about Ritt’s set. He was still very entertaining and is clearly a very talented artist. He had the entire room dancing and singing to every song. 

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

Next on stage was Dayglow. One thing I didn’t know about Dayglow is that Sloan Struble (Lead singer and founder) is a one man band. I knew his music before hand but had assumed that it was a full band writing the music. Sloan explained to the crowd that he wrote one of his most popular albums in a dorm room by himself. He also talked about how that dorm room was in Utah. This brought a lot of cheering and excitement to the performance of all the songs featured on his album “Fuzzybrain”. The vibe of the show was one of the coolest aspects of the night. It was so fun and energetic. There was such a happy energy coming from Dayglow’s performances. He had so many fans that knew every word to every song. He also did a lot of dancing on stage, which always helps the crowd want to move with you. 

My personal favorite song Dayglow performed was “Can I Call You Tonight?”. I had listened to this song before the show quite a bit, but I listen to it even more now. His vocals were spot on with how they sound in the recorded product. He had so much vocal talent as he sang each song that night. I love hearing an artist that isn’t only a good song writer but also has vocal talent to match it. He also displayed a decent amount of skill on the guitar. Overall I was very impressed with the musical ability of the 23 year old rising star. 

In the end I would highly recommend giving both of these artists a listen. Their music is so unique and fun to experience. I see both artists continue to rise in popularity throughout this tour. According to their website, Dayglow will be touring all the way until March 2023. So if you have the chance to find them near you, I encourage you to go. Ritt Momney is equally as fun to watch, and I will be listening to his music from now on. I don’t think I need to explain how much I love The Union, but I will still tell you that it is a must visit. They have a variety of shows coming up, so find one you like and grab a ticket. This concert was a super light hearted and fun experience. I hope to see them perform again soon.

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