Bruno Major

Bruno Major•Lindsey Lomis•September 5, 2023• The Depot

Reviewed and Photographed by Tomo Crestani

On a crisp evening in Salt Lake City, the anticipation outside The Depot built as fans of all ages gathered to witness a musical journey led by the incredibly talented Bruno Major. The intimate venue was the perfect setting for an evening of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. With Lindsey Lomis as the opening act, the stage was set for an unforgettable night of music and emotions.

Lindsey Lomis

Lindsey Lomis, an upcoming artist who actually won a contest years ago to open for Bruno Major in 2018. She came full circle following him on tour and opened the night with a performance that captivated the audience from the very first note. Her voice and heartfelt lyrics showcased her depth as a singer-songwriter. Her songs were intimate and personal, drawing the audience in with every word. The way she played the guitar served as a perfect accompaniment to her vocals, allowing her storytelling to shine.

She engaged with the audience so well, making sure to tell stories about each song she played. It was evident that Lomis poured her heart and soul into her performance, connecting with the audience on a personal level. Her genuine and humble demeanor between songs only added to her charm. As Lomis wrapped up her set, she received a well-deserved applause from the audience. It was clear that her talent had left a lasting impression on everyone in the venue, setting the stage for the main event.

Bruno Major

The transition to Bruno Major’s performance was met with heightened anticipation. The Depot’s intimate ambiance made it feel as though the audience was about to embark on a musical journey with an old friend. The room was set with dimmed lights, setting the perfect mood for what was to come. The staff and security did an amazing job handling the event. Although a slower and more emotional concert such as this one is easier to handle, it was still impressive to see the seamless ways they made sure everyone had a good time. The security was very kind and helpful throughout the night.

As the night came to a peak, Bruno Major took the stage to a roar of applause and cheers. Bruno tends to exude an approachable and unpretentious vibe that instantly connects him to the crowd. Without much ado, he launched into his set with “The Show Must Go On,” a soulful track that showcased his smooth, velvety vocals. What makes Bruno stand out as an artist is his exceptional songwriting ability. Each song in his repertoire tells a story, often drawing from his own experiences and emotions. This authenticity was on full display as he sang “Just The Same,” a heartfelt ballad about love and vulnerability. The hushed silence in the venue allowed his lyrics to take center stage, putting the audience in a room full of emotion.

Photo Credit: Tomo Crestani

The chemistry between Major and his band was evident as they effortlessly transitioned from one song to the next. The live instrumentation added depth and richness to his music, enhancing the overall experience. Bruno himself displayed remarkable proficiency on the guitar, delivering intricate melodies and solos that left the audience in awe. He also had a segment of the concert where he was alone on stage with a piano. It was cool to see he brought a real piano. It was not an electric keyboard pretending to be an authentic piano. This really speaks to who Bruno is as an artist. 

Throughout the night, Bruno’s stage banter was endearing and relatable. He shared stories behind some of his songs, offering glimpses into the creative process and the emotions that inspired his music. This added a personal touch to the performance, making it feel like an intimate conversation with a friend. He also displayed his humorous approach to life. Telling jokes about The Depot being haunted, or referring to stories from his childhood that made everyone laugh. 

The stage design and lighting were tastefully done, enhancing the mood of each song. The visual projections behind the stage added an ethereal quality to the performance, creating a captivating visual backdrop to Major’s music. As the night neared its end, Major closed his set with “We Were Never Really Friends,” a soul-stirring track that showcased the full range of his vocal abilities. The audience swayed in unison, completely absorbed in the music. 

In the end, Bruno Major’s performance at The Depot in Salt Lake City was a masterclass in soulful storytelling through music. His ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level, coupled with his exceptional songwriting and vocal prowess, made for an unforgettable evening. As the audience slowly made their way out of the venue, there was a collective sense of fulfillment and gratitude. Bruno Major had delivered a mesmerizing night of music, leaving his fans with cherished memories and a longing for more. I would strongly recommend you find Bruno Major live near you. I will look forward to his next visit to Salt Lake City. The Depot as always was a fantastic place to spend my night. 

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