The Band CAMINO w/ flor & Hastings • March 29, 2022• The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Josilyn Wakkuri Lybbert

The Band CAMINO, with Flor and Hasting, played a completely sold-out show at the Complex on March 29, 2022! The concert goers were visibly excited and seemed genuinely happy to be there. When I got into the venue, the first thing I noticed was the huge line that was formed by people waiting to get their concert merch! There had to be at least 100 people in line! Fans packed in and filled the Rockwell at the Complex!


Hastings kicked off the night! The 3-piece band got the audience energized and moving right from the get go! Hastings started their set with their song, “Chapstick.” Many people in the crowd sang along! The band was very interactive with the crowd. Throughout their set, the band members and the crowd would be pointing to each other while singing. It was a lot fun to watch those interactions! The crowd absolutely loved Hastings! They were dancing and cheering the whole time! The band also performed, “Asking For A Friend,” that was followed by their new song, “Hurt My Feelings.”

In between songs, they thanked The Band Camino for bringing them on tour. They also mentioned that they noticed that a lot of people were singing along and said that they thought that that was pretty cool! They had a great, clear sound and we’re all incredibly talented! When I made my way up to the stage to prepare for the next band to take the stage, Hastings was taking down their equipment. The crowd was still so hyped from their set, and the band could tell! The drummer threw his drum sticks into the crowd, and the guitarist followed suit and threw a guitar pick! Hastings definitely became a new fan favorite after their performance!

In between sets, the crowd would excitedly cheer for anyone that came on the stage, whether it was a band member or part of the crew! Everyone in the crowd seemed so genuinely happy to be there! They were having a great time, even when there wasn’t a band on stage! 


Flor came next in the night’s line up. I didn’t think it was possible, but the crowd’s energy continued to grow with their performance! The stage was lit up by pink and turquoise lights, and the band was accentuated by warm yellow light bats behind them. After their first song, “Play Along,” they said, “Is there a greater city to play a show in?” The crowd went wild! Then, Flor asked if anyone knew who they were and so many hands were eagerly raised high in the air! Flor continued by announcing that they have a new album coming out on May 6th!

After that announcement, they played their song, “Big Shot,” which they said the first time they ever played it was at Kilby Court here in Utah! Following their performance of their song, “Back Again,” they said, “Let’s get wilder and wilder!” The fans delivered! Enthusiasm rippled from the from the front of the crowd all the way to the back! During Flor’s song, “Skate,” the audience clapped perfectly to beat! The band was so impressed, they said, “Let me see your hands sway for the next bit!” Once the song was over they said they crowd had the best rhythm they’d ever seen!

After Flor left the stage for the night, the setup for The Band CAMINO began. One of the crew members helping set up had a small dog in a carrier strapped to his back, which a big hit with those in attendance! The crowd was buzzing with anticipation! At one point someone yelled out, to no one in particular, “I am so excited!”


It wasn’t long until the stage lights started flashing all different colors, then it went dark, and The Band CAMINO appeared. Their first song of the night, “Know It All,” wasted no time in hyping up the crowd! They were over the moon to see the band! “Know It All,” was followed by, “Roses.” When the song began, someone in the crowd exclaimed, “I love this song!” 

Before it was over, someone threw a bouquet of roses on the stage and band member, Jeffery Jordan, said, “Thank you for the roses!” 

The crowd was so loud! I was astonished by the volumes that were produced by their screams for the space that we were in! 

The Band CAMINO said that it had been 2 1/2 years since they had been in Salt Lake City! Jeffery said, “I love you guys, I love what we’re doing!” Then he said that he hoped that the spotlight wasn’t on him for too long because he had gone snowboarding the day before which resulted in quite the sunburn!

The songs kept coming and the fans kept dancing! The Band CAMINO favored the audience with songs like, “Underneath My Skin,” “Haunted,” and, “Help Me Get Over You,” “Who Do You Think You Are?” brought out even more dancing! People were having such an obviously great time that they even danced to the slower songs. Some slow danced with partners, but others still found a way to jump up and down to those more mellow songs! It was fun to see how the crowd reacted to different songs.

“Just A Phase,” brought out a lot of head bobbing to the beat, while, “Damage,” brought out a lot of jumping! They all sang at the top of their lungs for, “What I Want.” The crowd had slowed a little prior to , “See Through,” (I’m guessing because they had had such a vibrant energy throughout the night!) but as soon as that one started, they were recharged and ready finish out the night!

As the night was winding the down, the band said that they were exhausted and that they were so happy that everyone was there and singing along! They said, “Two more songs, see you next time!” The crowd then began to cheer, “Camino!” repeatedly until they began, “1 Last Cigarette.” The Band CAMINO finished their night with, “Daphne Blue!”

The lighting for The Band CAMINO’s set changed with the songs. The lights would go from blue, change to pink, flash purple and yellow, or sometimes lit up completely white! Lights flashed on the ceiling and over the crowd throughout the crowd, and sometimes, a spotlight lit up the crowd, too! Their sound was incredibly strong and clear. The presentation was impressive in all areas!

On my way out of the show, I walked past the merchandise stand that had such a line at the beginning of the evening. The person working said, “It’s a little sparse!” He said that they had completely sold out of two different shirts in all sizes and that that had never happened before! 

As people left the venue, the joy of the night was reflected on their faces! They filled the streets chatting about their experiences!

The Band CAMINO, Flor, and Hastings provided a positive atmosphere for people to let go and have fun! 

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