Medium Build

Medium Build • Clover County • June 3, 2024 • Soundwell

Reviewed and Photographed by Lily Rutherford

This spring, folk-rock artist Medium Build began their full-year tour supporting their new album, Country. Hailing originally from Alaska, but having recently moved to Nashville, the tour would be their first headlining & nationwide tour. Their Salt Lake City stop was at Soundwell, a small venue attuned to the lowkey nature of Medium Build’s music. The stage was set with eclectic, thrifted-looking decor, beach chairs, and plush animals. Before anyone came on stage, soft blue light illuminated the intricate setup, topped off by Persian rugs lining the stage. 

Clover County

Photo Credit: Lily Rutherford

The crowd slowly filed into the venue before the opening act, Clover County, a one-piece consisting of A.G. Schiano. Adorning her guitar as her only backing, she sang her folk-pop songs to an adoring crowd. In the middle of her set, she noticed a fan’s sign, which told her they had been traveling across the West Coast for her shows — “That’s amazing,” she said endearingly. “Thank you so much.” The crowd enjoyed her set heavily, with some singing along, and others simply enjoying the new music they were hearing. 

Medium Build

After her set, the crowd chattered, buying merchandise and enjoying drinks, counting down the time until Medium Build would take the stage. The backing instruments began to play “Beach Chair”, the leading song from Country. Quickly, Medium Build made their way out on stage, crooning the lyrics to the song and playing the guitar. As they continued their set, fans sang along loudly to the songs, ranging from several EPs and singles. 

In the middle of the set, Medium Build ordered the crowd to have a “moment of release” and scream as they played a screechy guitar cord — the room lit up with fans screaming towards the stage along with the rest of the band on stage. They continued, then Medium Build played a few songs solo, just them and their guitar. “Knowing You Exist” was the most notable, as it mirrored the production of the song on the album and was a tender moment for many in the crowd there with their significant others and friends. 

The set ended with a run of songs from Country, which the crowd once again sang loudly. It was easy to tell these were their favorites of the set, and the show ended as quickly as it began. Fans walked out of the venue happy about the emotional performance Medium Build gave to them, chatting about the show and reminiscing. 

Medium Build’s performance felt especially pertinent to Salt Lake, with a lot of their music focusing on frustrations with religion. It was clear throughout the set that as they discussed this, the crowd was there with them. For a lot of people, the music, and the show, were healing for the experiences they have had with religion. Medium Build is unapologetically queer, which a lot of fans appreciate within their music — it acts as a lifeline for those feeling isolated.

 It was clear that Medium Build put their heart and soul into every song, as they sang them with a truth that not all artists have. As they introduced certain songs, they discussed their meanings and importance, garnering the crowd’s attention, support, and relation. Medium Build’s Country isn’t true country, but a melding of the genre with religion, queerness, folk, rock, and many other things. This eclectic genre is seen clearly within their performance, eloquently pronouncing what Medium Build is.

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