DEVO • January 22, 2024 • The Marquis Park City

Reviewed by Kevin Rolfe

Photos by Matt Dippel courtesy of LNE

Photo Credit: Matt Dippel

I’ve been waiting for a long time to see what was happening with Park City Live, a club located at the center of Park City’s Main Street.  I’ve always enjoyed going to shows there, but I realized it had been some time since I had been to the venue.  I was excited to see the venue get a new name, The Marquis Park City, a polished look, and a slew of announced concert dates.  It was a brilliant move to open the venue during the Sundance Film Festival.  The star-studded list of concerts included the one-of-a-kind, Devo.  T

he band would be in town due to the festival premiering “Devo” the documentary about the band.  Before the concert, Devo hosted a dinner at ChefDance Social presented by Space Perspective.  Devo fans flooded The Marquis Park City and I’d imagine anyone who had attended the dinner before, knew the fun night of music that was in store. 

Devo’s live performance is a thrilling sonic and visual experience that captivates audiences from start to finish. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend avant-garde visuals with their iconic new wave sound creates an immersive concert atmosphere. From the moment Devo takes the stage, the energy is palpable. The band members, adorned in their trademark red energy dome hats and jumpsuits, immediately establish a connection with the audience. Their stage presence is both charismatic and enigmatic, setting the tone for a unique concert experience.

Musically, Devo delivers a tight and energetic performance that showcases their decades of expertise. The interplay between Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerry Casale’s vocals adds a dynamic layer to their sound, while the band’s skilled musicianship is evident in every note. Classics like “Whip It” and “Mongoloid” are reimagined in the live setting, breathing new life into these iconic tracks.

What truly sets Devo apart in concert is their commitment to creating a visually stunning show. Elaborate light displays, synchronized projections, and quirky stage antics contribute to a sensory feast for the audience. The use of multimedia elements enhances the narrative of their songs, creating a cohesive and engaging visual storyline throughout the performance.

Devo’s concert experience goes beyond just music; it’s a commentary on society and culture. The band’s satirical and thought-provoking visuals, often filled with deconstructed consumerist symbols, provide a backdrop for their socially conscious lyrics. This adds an intellectual depth to the concert experience, inviting the audience to reflect on the broader themes embedded in Devo’s music.

One of the highlights of a Devo concert is their ability to balance nostalgia with innovation. While performing fan favorites, they seamlessly integrate newer material, proving their relevance and adaptability. This not only pleases long-time fans but also introduces the uninitiated to the band’s evolving sonic landscape.

The chemistry between band members is evident throughout the performance, creating a sense of camaraderie that resonates with the audience. Devo’s ability to engage and connect with concertgoers elevates the live experience beyond a mere musical performance; it becomes a shared journey of sonic exploration and visual spectacle.

In conclusion, a Devo concert is a multi-sensory adventure that combines exceptional musicianship with avant-garde visuals. The band’s iconic aesthetic, thought-provoking themes, and energetic stage presence make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer, attending a Devo concert is a journey into the heart of new wave innovation and a celebration of the band’s enduring impact on music and culture.

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