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Beach Weather • Smallpools • Almost Monday • Rec Hall • April 24, 2024 • The Complex

Reviewed and Photographed by Josilyn Wakkuri Lybbert

On April 24th, The Complex was filled to the brim with music fans who were in for a treat. And hours and hours of phenomenal music! Beach Weather brought their, “Pineapple Sunrise The Tour,” show to Salt Lake, and were joined by three other awesome bands! 

Rec Hall

The opening act of the evening, SoCal-based Rec Hall, consisting of John Barry, Lance Meliota, and Ben Tyrell, commanded the stage with an energy that was infectious! It was clear right from the start that Rec Hall had the audience totally captivated. During the second song, “If You Run,” fans were jumping along to the beat per the band’s request. Creating an energy filled atmosphere. It was a fun sight to see the band and the crowd jumping around in sync! For a first-time touring band, their ability to captivate an audience was truly remarkable. Setting the tone for what would be an unforgettable night of music. 

As for the music itself, Rec Hall delivered a setlist that really showcased their talent! Their music felt like summer or spending the day at the beach in Southern California – two of my favorite things! Tracks like “Marty,” “How Long,” and, “Pontiac.” kept the audience grooving with their catchy melodies! Between their fun, high-energy stage presence and their music, I, and I can assume the rest of those in attendance as well, became fast fans!

Closing their set with, “She Doesn’t Get It,” Rec Hall left the audience wanting more. Their performance left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance! Rec Hall is undoubtedly cemented as a band to watch in the music scene!

Almost Monday

A short time passed and then it was time for Almost Monday, an indie pop band from San Diego, CA! The crowd’s excitement only increased as they started their first song! This band was just cool. Lead singer, Dawson, donned sunglasses, and between that, the faux palm trees on stage, and the stage lights giving off a warm red and glow, the atmosphere once again felt like summer!

Almost Monday’s music and performance turned The Complex into quite the party! Fans jumped up and down, clapped along in unison, and sang at the top of their lungs. Each song radiated a high energy from stage through out the audience. It was so fun to watch both the band and the crowd having the time of their lives! They played tunes such as, “Only Wanna Dance,” their newest release, “Is It Too Late”. And a groovy sounding, “Coast to Coast.” 

Among all of their popular hits (they have one million monthly listeners on Spotify, and many of their songs have millions of streams), they chose to play a cover of a classic, “What I Like About You,” by The Romantics. They absolutely killed it! I feel like one has to have the right sound to successfully pull it off, and Almost Monday totally did! Following the hit cover, Almost Monday played their most well-known song, “Sunburn”. Which received  particularly loud and enthusiastic squeals and cheers that rippled through the fans! They sang a long with passion! After a few more songs including more fan favorites like, “Cough Drops,” and, “Sun Keeps Shining,” their time on stage was finished all too soon! 

Following Almost Monday’s set, the band members, joined by Rec Hall’s band members, were taking down their equipment, and the crowd was thrilled to see them all again. People were shouting out, “Hi _____!” or, “I love you, _____!” to various performers!


Photo Credit: Josilyn Wakkuri Lybbert

Kicking things off with a fun and energetic intro featuring plenty of classic 80s hits that had everyone singing along, the next band, Smallpools, set the tone for a performance full of music that felt reminiscent of that era with some modern twists! There was no doubt these guys were going to be a good time! The stage was lit up with flashing lights perfectly synced to the beat which only added to the fun atmosphere!

Throughout their set, Smallpools pulled out all the stops to engage with the audience. They ventured on to the barricade several times which likely helped everyone feel even more a part of the experience. Some obvious fan favorites included the catchy, groovy tune, “Street Fight,” and high energy, “American Love,” which had hands clapping in the air!

Smallpools’ performance as a whole was very unique. It created moments that would assuredly stick with the audience long after the night was over. From running through the lobby and crowd during, “Lovetap!” to having fans toss around an inflatable whale during, “Killer Whales” they brought a sense of spontaneity that kept those in attendance on their toes!

While their setlist featured a mix of original tracks, they also mixed in quite a few epic covers like, “Everywhere,” by Fleetwood Mac, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” by Tears for Fears, and even tastefully mixed their hit, “Swayze,” with the timeless, “(I Had) The Time of My Life.” It’s safe to say that Smallpools was a major hit!

Before the headliner, Beach Weather, came on stage, oldies played over the speakers. Some, like, “Mr. Sandman,” had the venue singing along to pass the time in between sets. I was surprised to hear some maybe not as well known tracks like Ringo Starr’s, “No-No Song,” played too!

Beach Weather

And then it was time for the main event! I was incredibly impressed at the liveliness that the fans still carried, ready for the next bit of the show! An illuminated pink sign that read, “Pineapple Sunrise,” made the stage glow. It was also decorated with furniture items that made it feel like we’d been transported back to the 60s. When the band took the stage, their persona and outfits fit right along with the decor!

The started off their set with “Chit Chat,” setting the stage with a fast-paced beat that could have easily been perceived as a song from today or could’ve fit in fifty or sixty years ago, too! So not only was their look on par with the 1960s, but their songs matched that feel too! It was really cool to see the cohesiveness there!

A few songs in, one of the fun crowd moments of the night came during “Someone’s Disaster,” where the crowd collectively bobbed their heads to the beat of the song, clearly fully immersed themselves in the music. Their setlist, which, based off of the crowd’s reactions, included favorites like, “Pineapple Sunrise,” “Unlovable,” and, “High & Driving,” kept the energy levels high and the audience dancing. A track called, “Homebody,” a song about the struggles of 2020, was sung through a landline phone which added a unique flair to the sound of the song and stage presence. Again, the music and the presentation went hand and hand because it made me think about those months in 2020 where we all were actually homebodies and really could only get in touch through a phone. So much of this so was so cleverly thought out, and I was impressed! 

Beach Weather also treated the audience to a new song, “High & Low Places,” which they had only played a few times before. Fans were so excited about this one, cheered loudly, and some even jumped up and down with joy!

As the night came to a close with Beach Weather’s most popular hit with over 762 million streams, “Sex, Drugs, Etc.,” the band gave a heartfelt thanks to the fans for getting the song to where it is now. Fans of course were particularly thrilled with this one, and I found it particularly cool that they ended the song with a bit of The Beatles’, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” Not only was it a treat for Beatles fans, but it totally fit the vibe of the set!

Beach Weather, Smallpools, Almost Monday, and Rec Hall’s stop in Salt Lake City felt like the perfect spring concert! It was fun, light hearted, and the music and atmosphere made me look forward to sunshiny days ahead! Each band brought exquisite music and personality, and it was a joy to be able to witness such a talent packed night!

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