Dr. Dog The Union

Dr. Dog Last Tour Saturday, November 6, 2021 The Union Events Center

Reviewed by Katie Barber

Tōth (led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alex Toth of Rubblebucket fame) set a perfectly indie mood for the sold-out Dr. Dog show on a cool fall evening at The Union. Alongside Alex, drummer Jeremy Gustin and bassist Ryan Dugre sported brightly colored coveralls that matched the headliner’s Mondrian-like backdrop, a colorful dissonance that complimented the swirling vocals of the band. As the venue slowly reached capacity, stragglers were welcomed by Alex’s trumpet solos and the resulting enthusiastic cheers of the crowd.

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FINNEAS w/ Marinelli & The Optimist Tour November 6, 2021 The Depot 

By: Vanessa Holt

The Optimist Tour, one of the shortest tours I’ve ever had to wait on but somehow felt like the longest. Most people know of FINNEAS to be writing songs and playing shows with his sister, Billie Eilish. I remember when I saw  Billie Eilish when she was last in Utah and thinking, “one of these days we’re going to see FINNEAS go on a solo tour.”

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Winnetka Bowling League w/ GAYLE The Beehive

Winnetka Bowling League w/ Gayle– The Beehive November 5, 2021

By: Vanessa Holt

Another show was added to my list of artists I’ve never heard prior to the night of the show. I’ve enjoyed these shows because I’m discovering so many artists in the best way possible. Hearing their songs live and being able to watch them light up on stage the way all artists do. All I knew of Winnetka Bowling League was that they were an alternative band which is right up my alley. So it was going to be a show I was going to enjoy either way.

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Wolf Alice November 1, 2021 The Complex

Wolf Alice w/ The Blossom The Complex

Reviewed by Vanessa Holt

A great kick-off to the month, Wolf Alice stopped in Salt Lake on the tour of their newest album, Blue Weekend. Before being offered the chance to photograph them a coworker had brought up the band to me in a discussion. I had never heard of Wolf Alice before but during this discussion, there was nothing but good things spoken about the band. After hearing all that I was excited to hear them live. A couple of hours before doors opened, I was streaming their top few songs to get an idea of the type of sound and vibe that was going to be heard from the night. I was immediately intrigued by the alternative rock sound of it all. I was curious how they were going to be live.

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Walk the Moon October 22, 2021 The Complex

Photo Credit: Evelyn Salazar

Walk the Moon Dream Plane Tour The Complex Rockwell October 22, 2021

Reviewed by Evelyn Salazar

Walk the Moon is one of those bands I found in high school and would just play on repeat all the time! They are such an amazing band to listen to when you’re just really in the mood to groove. Listening to them always put me in a good mood, so naturally, I was super excited to see that they were coming back to Salt Lake City, bringing their Dream Plane Tour!  

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James Taylor October 22, 2021 Maverik Center

Photo Credit: Kevin Rolfe

James Taylor w/ Jackson Brown Maverik Center October 22, 2021

Reviewed by Kevin Rolfe

There are some concerts that even though you’re there you still can’t really believe you’re actually watching.  Friday, Oct 22, 2021, was one of those concerts.  Legendary singer-songwriter, James Taylor finally played the Maverik Center after needing to postpone the original date due to the pandemic.  Where have we heard that before?  Basically every show we’re seeing was meant to have happened before this concert hating virus came into play.  But there we were, finally packing the West Valley arena.  And not only were we getting to see the great James Taylor, but Jackson Browne, a headliner in his own right, was his opener.  It just doesn’t get much better than this. 

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Flogging Molly & Violent Femmes October 19, 2021 The Complex

Photo Credit: Logan Sorenson

Have you ever seen a concert lineup announced and thought, “I would have never thought of these guys together.  But it actually makes sense.” This is how I felt when I saw that Flogging Molly and Violent Femmes would be co-headlining a tour together.  Now throw in Me First & the Gimme Gimmies and Thick and it was a lineup and a concert never to be forgotten!  

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