FINNEAS w/ Marinelli & The Optimist Tour November 6, 2021 The Depot 

By: Vanessa Holt

The Optimist Tour, one of the shortest tours I’ve ever had to wait on but somehow felt like the longest. Most people know of FINNEAS to be writing songs and playing shows with his sister, Billie Eilish. I remember when I saw  Billie Eilish when she was last in Utah and thinking, “one of these days we’re going to see FINNEAS go on a solo tour.”

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Billie Eilish June 4, 2019, The Great Saltair

By: Cassilyn Anderson

Photo By: Cassilyn Anderson

BILLIE. FREAKING. EILISH. WOW! On Tuesday, June 4 Billie brought the most amazing and well put on show I have ever attended to The Great Saltair. As early as 6 am on Tuesday, fans arrived dressed head to toe in Billie’s merch and sat in line all day hoping to get a good enough spot to see this talented 17-year-old perform. The freeway exit to the Saltair was completely backed up due to the number of people anxiously arriving to attend this show.  The Great Saltair is all the way out in Magna and there is only one exit to the venue and one parking lot so it was pretty crazy getting all of the cars in.

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