Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer w/ Alt Bloom “The Art of Joy Tour” The Complex February 23, 2022

Review and Photos by Ellie Powell

Photo Credit: Ellie Powell

On February 23, Andy Grammer took his “The Art of Joy Tour” to Salt Lake’s very own Rockwell at The Complex! I love going to shows there, so it was fun to be able to go again. So I made sure to get there a few minutes before the show started. I was lucky enough to have a smooth check-in. It was rather difficult due to the numerous people that were filing into the room, but I made my way up to the pit. I met some of the other photographers and talked with a few of the audience members. (if you were one of the fans that I spoke to, hello!). There was one fan that was experiencing a concert for the first time! 

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