Micky Dolenz celebrates The Monkees

The Monkees Celebrated by Micky Dolenz•June 8, 2023•Egyptian Theater Park City

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

On June 8, 2023, nostalgic music fans made their way to the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah where they were treated to a truly memorable evening. Micky Dolenz, best known as a vocalist and drummer of The Monkees, took the stage for a highly anticipated concert. Dolenz, a living legend of the music industry, delivered a performance that showcased his timeless talent, infectious energy, and enduring appeal. The audience was transported back in time to the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll. Reveling in the hits that defined a generation. My hope is to capture the essence of that unforgettable evening in Park City. Where we celebrated the enduring artistry of Micky Dolenz.

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