Michigander•Abby Holiday• April 7, 2023• Kilby Court

Reviewed and Photographed by Alisha Gregson

I am always impressed by how exciting the concerts at Kilby Court are. While it is one of Utah’s smallest music venues, I have noticed there’s something special about the fans who gather there. Kilby draws a crowd of some of the area’s biggest music fanatics, and the energy they bring cannot be beaten. It’s even better when it’s a sold show. Like the one I had the opportunity to attend on Friday, April 7th. 

Indie sing-songwriter Jason Singer, who goes by the moniker of Michigander, remembered just how much energy fans brought to his last show at Kilby Court a couple of years ago. He told the crowd it had been the most exciting show of that tour. He expected Friday night’s concert to be the best night of his current tour.

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