Journey w/ TOTO

Journey Freedom Tour w/ TOTO•March 24, 2022•Vivint Arena

Reviewed and Photographed by Kevin Rolfe

Preceding their album of the same name, Journey’s Freedom Tour is underway. It should come as no surprise that Vivint Arena in downtown Salt Lake City was packed for the rock n roll hall of famers. I can’t think of a Journey concert whether it be out at USANA Amphitheatre or here at Vivint Arena that wasn’t overflowing with fans. Journey is one of the most beloved bands in Utah.  People of all ages have taken to their music, and their concerts show it. With every song, I could hear the echo of the crowd’s collective voice singing along.  These guys have been doing it for years.  They’re true professionals.  I can’t imagine playing to an engaged audience like the one on Thursday, March 24 could ever get old.  

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