R.I.P. David Bowie

BowieI could hardly believe it when I looked at my Twitter account and saw that music legend David Bowie had passed away.  At first I hoped it was just a hoax, but as more and more reputable sources made their posts, I knew it was real.  The music world has suffered a great loss.  

Now I can’t say that I’m President of the David Bowie Fan Club, or that I’m even a die hard fan of his.  But David and his music has been part of my life from the beginning.  Like many, I started out not really understanding him, and as my musical maturity grew, I came to respect and admire his greatness.  

In the history of popular music there are very few that have an original sound that has yet to be duplicated.  Think about it.  Who else sounds like David Bowie?  He didn’t mimic anyone who came before him, and certainly one after him has ever come close to capturing his sound.  Mostly because his sound never stayed the same, yet we always knew it was a Bowie song.  Didn’t we?  This is something rarely done, and I admire his artistry and his originality.  

This being a concert review website, the thing that saddens me the most is that I never had the opportunity to see David Bowie in person.  And with the release of his most recent album just one week ago, I thought that maybe it would produce a tour and I’d finally have my chance.  Unfortunately as we know now, this was not to be the case.  

I am including a couple clips of my favorite David Bowie performances.  I was in high school when Freddie Mercury passed away (Think of the sweet reunion they’re having.  Hopefully a heavenly collaboration is already in the works!).  The rest of the band put together an amazing tribute concert for Freddie, and of course David Bowie was asked to perform.  His performance inspired me in a way I’ll never forget.  Both with his solo anthem “Heroes” and his unforgettable duet with Queen “Under Pressure” (Performed at this concert with another favorite of mine Annie Lennox), he gave Freddie the ultimate farewell.  


The Starman officially belongs to the stars, and we still here on earth will miss him, as we are asked once again to “Turn and face the strange”.  This time, to face the strange strange world without David Bowie.  Rest In Peace Mr. Bowie.